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Hello, I’m Zari. I currently work at a special needs daycare while going to school to become an Estheticians. I live in Atlanta, Ga I love getting to know new people and experiencing new things. My dreams are to have my own natural body care line where self-care is at the forefront. I want to have a spa business and a non-profit for kids with sickle cell. These are not all of my dreams but, it’s a few of them. My goals for 2019 is to continue to blog and vlog so I can inspire and help women. I hope both can keep growing tremendously. Also, I want to start my body care line, finish school and have my home spa.

What does self-love means to you?

Self-love hmmm, for me self love mean’s loving yourself on days when it seems impossible. Loving yourself enough that you don’t need it from a partner, their love is just an added bonus. Loving yourself flaws and all at your lowest and highest in life.

What was the hardest part of loving yourself?

The hardest part of loving myself was loving myself through change because if it didn’t change I would hinder myself. Yes, I do say love yourself through flaws and all but, it comes a point in your life where you have to do self-realization and realize that some of your ways are blocking you from blessings.

For example, I use to have a horrible attitude and the hardest thing was realizing that I had an attitude and loving myself through trying to change myself for the better!

Have you ever felt like you couldn’t love yourself. If so, why? If not, Have you ever felt fear to love yourself?

I’ve never felt like I couldn’t love myself but, I’ve had fear of loving myself. I’ve felt fear of loving myself because if you love yourself ”too much” people call that cocky or whatever. Plus I use to feel like loving my true self vs what people perceive me to be was a problem. It’s like I’m still the turnt and ratchet Zari(sometimes) but, I also love the Zari that like mediating, pop music, r&b and want to try different things. That doesn’t mean I’ve changed or trying to be somebody different, I’ve evolved but, I still love all of Zari.

What do you value about yourself? 

I value my determination. I don’t let anything stop me. If I want to do it I’m going to do it no matter how many roadblocks I encounter. You fall down but, you have to get back up nothing worthy comes easy.

What do you do to make yourself feel better from self-doubts, self-sabotage, fears, comparison & etc. ?

Whewww such intense questions but, to make myself feel better from self-doubt, I tell myself if I wasn’t meant for this I wouldn’t have the vision nothing comes to a dreamer. You have to put in the work. Faith without work is dead!!!!! Self-sabotage I feel like I sabotaged myself all 2018. So, I told myself this year I’m staying consistent in everything I do consistency is key. My fears are something I’m still working on because I’m always thinking about the what-ifs instead of knowing that I’m made for whatever I’m trying to do whether that’s business or just life in general. Oh gosh, the comparison I know it’s hard but, I try to manage my time on social media and follow people that motivates me. You have to realize what’s meant for you will not past you and your dream is yours and yours alone turn on that tunnel vision and just focus on you. If all else fail drink some hot tea, meditate, and take a good detox bath. Remember you don’t need anyone else validation to stay true to yourself.

Do you believe you can love yourself differently from loving others? Why or why not? 

I sure can love myself differently than loving others. I wasn’t in a relationship until my senior year. Plus in high school, I was always asked was I pregnant, why my eyes yellow and sometimes that I look like an avatar. I say that to say I never needed love from a partner like other girls and even though I was asked all of these questions it never stopped me from loving myself. If I don’t love me who else will love me and if I don’t put my self-love first who else gone feel the need to love me unconditionally. Everyone is beautiful in their own way so love on yourself as much as you can. Yes, I love those around a lot I believe love conquers all!

How do you show yourself love?

I show myself love by self-care such as: doing my hair, having my time, doing my nails and toes. Also, I look in the mirror and tell myself, ”I love you and you are beautiful.” However, when I get some funds I will like to be a blessing to others in many ways it really will fulfill me. In the meantime read my blog & watch my YouTube channel.

What do you believe about loving yourself?

I believe you are taught to love yourself. Growing up, my family members would always tell me I’m beautiful, smart and etc. Plus I was an ill child. I was always in the hospital so I was always shown, love. I just continued that as I grew older nobody can make me feel any less valued, loved, smart, determined and beautiful. If anyone makes you feel any less than how you feel about yourself let that go because it does not serve you. Sometimes it might be hard to love yourself but get up do your hair and put on some clothes so you can conquer the world.

What do you think of yourself?

I believe I’m the strongest and determined woman I know. I am blessed and kept. I am rich in love and worthy of everything that is meant for me. I’m valued, intelligent, grateful and ready to be a blessing to other women around me.

Why do you love YOURSELF?

I love myself because I know I am enough & worthy. If I don’t love me who else will love me. I don’t need validation from others to know that I’m loved and valued. Love on yourself as much as you can!!!!!

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