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“There are three types of people in this world. Firstly, there are people who make things happen. Then there are people who watch things happen. Lastly, there are people who ask, what happened? Which do you want to be?”

Everyone has been the person who would sit and watch what happen to them and never make any changes but, as you become wiser, you can end up like the person who make things happen and not except to stay the same.

I’ve learned if you don’t like where you’re at in life then change it. If you’re waiting for an approval from someone to give you a push to change your life for good. Well, the truth is you don’t need anyones approval to live your life – live it the way you see it, live it the way God sees it for you and that’s it. It is as simple as that but, I know the feeling of what if those who are in my life doesn’t support me or dislike the changes I’ve made in life.

What I’ve learned so far from making changes in my life for the past few days is  If I focus more on how many people will support me or appreciate me then I’ve already wasted my time and energy. You can’t focus on what others think of you, you need to focus on what you think of yourself and what’s best for you.

Your journey belongs to you, just as much as my journey belongs me. Don’t focus on the things that will distract you from chasing your vision/dreams. Focus on you and only YOU . I promise you this world would be a better place if everyone stay focus on themselves, working together and not against each other.

“The first step towards getting somewhere is deciding that you are not going to stay where you are”

No one can decide for you, you can decide for yourself. No one can tell you how you can live your life, and no one can hold you back from your blessings and opportunities except you. You are the only person that can hold yourself back from opportunities and blessings that are coming your way. So, you have a decision to make, do you want to be the person that make things happen with your life and stay focus on your the path that God has for you or do you want to stay the same and 10 years from now you start asking yourself “what if” or “if only I knew this back then, I would of done that”.

Don’t focus on the things that will distract you from chasing your vision. Focus on you and only YOU . I can only focus on myself, and put my trust in God that he will get me through anything I’m going through. Just remember, with every storm comes a rainbow..

❤️Stay Beautiful & Bold