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Dear Worthy, 

I’m sorry. 

What am I apologizing for? Well, for years I’ve seemed to always forget about you. It’s like you weren’t important to me and I admit forgetting about who you are has been a mistake on my end. To forget about you and treat you like you’re not important, what the hell was wrong with me? Well, I’ll tell you. You were a people pleaser, if someone says something negative about you, you believe it. You always wanted to make everyone happy. You dislike to disappoint the people close to you. You dislike to be called a disappointment. You dislike to be called “stupid”.For years, you’ve been always trying to be a perfectionist because you tried to avoid being called something that triggers you. You’ve been called disappointment and many more negative words all your life to the point you started to stop believing in yourself because If the people that are close to you don’t believe in you then you shouldn’t believe in yourself…….NO!

If people close to you don’t believe in you then you shouldn’t stop believing in yourself. The beliefs are all on you. You hold the key to the vision that God has placed in you. You hold the key to your life with God by your side. You hold the key to who you are because it is your choice. You have to decide who you need to be. You have to decide if it’s worth losing your happiness by making people happy. Choose yourself, choose your happiness and choose your faith. You are not perfect and you are not meant to be perfect. You are meant to flourish and grow into an amazing beautiful phenomenal woman. It’s been a journey to believe in you because we saw bad things more than good and I’m sorry, you had to go through things that made you question your life.

I’m sorry you dealt with pain, heartbreaks, hurt, betrayal, lies, depression and etc…but, you are growing out of those moments that brought you down. I’m sorry, I did not put you first without understanding that no matter what anyone says, you come first. You are not selfish for choosing you. You are not selfish for choosing what makes you happy. I’m apologizing because you deserve to be called worthy  You deserve to have peace, you deserve to have happiness, you deserve to have joy, and you deserve to win. I say it again…….YOU DESERVE TO WIN!!!

You are worthy because you are you. There’s no one like you and no one who can become who you are. Remember who you are because you are important to life. God has given you a chance to live, so live it. Live your life the way you see you shall live. It’s more like living the life that God has for you. You are in your journey, you are in your chapter because this is your chapter of life. I don’t care if someone has said “You are a piece of sh-t. You are nothing in life”, babygirl you are marvelous and you are someone special. Whatever negative that has been said to you, has nothing to do with you because you know who you are. You are more than what any negative thoughts, any negative saying or any negative that has been told to you. You matter to life. You are worthy to live peacefully, to live life with love and beautiful moments. Don’t give up on yourself but push yourself to a greater you. Let’s push through fear of disappointment because it is okay to fail and it is okay to make mistakes. In the end, no matter how many failed moments and mistakes you’ve made, you are worthy and you are amazing. It’s time for you to see it and believe it because I believe in you. I know you can overcome and push through because God is with you and he is always with you.

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