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Dear Marvelous,

You’re winning. You’re winning with learning and growing. 

You’re winning with yourself by pushing yourself to make it happen.

You know who you are. No one can’t tell you who you’re supposed to be and who you shouldn’t be. Ask yourself, who are you? And are you proud of yourself? It’s understandable to feel like you’re behind in life but, you’re not. You are where you need to be because you need to see what is there and need to be changed. You need to see the vision that God continues to place in your hands. What do you want in life? If you can write a list of your dreams, goals, the vision you see everyday then what are you waiting for? Sure, you’re waiting on God to give you an answer but, what if God is waiting on you because he has already given you what you’ve been waiting for.

You are someone special because there’s only one you. There’s only one unique you

And the truth is no one can’t have your talent because it belongs to you. You can’t compare yourself to the next person because you are your own person. You are you. Continue to be your marvelous self. Your purpose in life is not to please everyone. It’s impossible to make everyone happy and it is not your job to make everyone happy. Your life means more than trying to make everyone happy. If you are trying to make everyone happy then you’ve already failed. 

Don’t let them stop you but, those who always seem to wait for your downfall is not your problem. You have other things to focus on. Why waste it on someone who can’t seem to be happy for anything. The real question is what makes you happy and what is your reason? Whenever someone tells you, “You can’t do this” then look back at your reason because there’s a reason why you start. There’s a reason why you are seeing the vision God placed in your hands. There’s a reason why you are passionate about what you’re passionate about. 

The only person who can stop you from anything in life is you. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve started over, the important part about your journey is will you give up? The answer is no. Why? Because You can. Again, you can make it happen for yourself. You can achieve those goals you have on your list. You can succeed. It doesn’t matter how many times you fail, make mistakes or doubt yourself you can succeed because you’re successful. Speak on it and tell yourself, “I Am Successful”. 

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