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Dear Love,

What do you love about yourself?

There’s something loveable about you.

You have to see the love you deserve for yourself.

You can’t wait for someone to love you, in order to love yourself. 

You are lovable because you are special. You are lovable because you are loved.

You are lovable because God loves you and he sees something amazing in you.

Loving yourself has more to do with you then it has to do with someone else. 

Loving yourself doesn’t have to be the same as everyone else because you are not everyone else. You are you. You are special. There’s a gift, a talent, a uniqueness about you. The way you love yourself is your own love for you. 

Remember, there’s something special about you. I don’t care what “they” said, it’s more of what you say about yourself. What do you think of yourself? And how are you treating yourself? There’s some people who will try their hardest to make you not love yourself, they will try to point out your flaws from left to right and you know what? Let them. Let them point out your flaws, let them remind you of your past and let them remind you who “they” think you are because your flaws are beautiful, your past doesn’t determine who you are today, truth be told your past is what makes your growth beautiful and whatever they think of you, it’s more on them then it is on you. You are the one who matters to yourself.

The way you love yourself is more for you and not for them. You have shown others love, you have shown others so much care and kindness but, you should keep the same energy onto yourself. Again, it doesn’t matter what someone says about you, what you think of yourself matters the most. It is amazing how sweet you are, how giving you are and how loving you are towards others but, don’t forget about yourself. You are a masterpiece. 

Why shouldn’t you love yourself? You should love who you are and what you do. You should love your growth, love what you’re learning from failures and doubts. You should love your past and yes, we say we’re putting our past under the rug but, the past had to teach you something about life. There’s always a lesson to be taught in life. Truth is you are not your past but, today you are you. Love who you used to be, love who you are and love who you are becoming. No matter what negative thoughts or negative people have said to you, you are worth to be loved. No one can take away your love for yourself, except you.

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