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Dear Desirable,

You had no idea that 2018 would be the year that you discovered your value.

You’ve sought out connections in the past that weren’t reciprocal. You gave, encouraged, supported, loved and in the end were left depleted and dry. You didn’t know that these failed attempts at friendship would help prepare you for authentic ones.

This year you didn’t chase after connection, connection chased after you. What’s in you drew people around you to want to know you. Your authenticity, honesty, drive and no-nonsense demeanor, were something that attracted instead of repelled. 

You never doubted your self-worth but you learned this year that you are worthy of excellent friendship. You discovered that you deserve good friends because you are a good friend. You found that people desired not just to take from you but to give to you this time. 

You are needed.

You are valued.

You are loved.

You are desirable.

desirable: worth having or wanting; pleasing, excellent, or fine

So, keep being you. 

God always has a way of bringing those people who are needed for your journey.


Coach Christine 

You can find Christine at:

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