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Dear Intelligent,

You are brave. You are smart. You have a mind like no other, you have a beautiful mind that is filled with so many beautiful ideas that can change the world. You are able to do something beautiful because you see what we can’t see. We’re going through a challenge but, you are someone who will get through your challenges because you are not alone. You may feel like you are alone but, you’re not alone because you have someone by your side who can give you strength through your journey. Someone who can give you guidance to your next chapter. You can elevate yourself to the next level because you see what we can’t see. 

You will become your best self because you can. Those failures are something else but, don’t let it defeat you into someone you’re not. You may not understand why you continue to fail but, by the time you succeed you’ll understand as to why you had to fail to start over. Starting over makes you more of successful than failure. There’s always a reason for everything we do but, what is your reason for starting? What is your reason for not giving up? What is your reason for this incredible idea? Hold on to your reason because your reasons are there for you to look back to. You can succeed because you are brilliant. You have a decision to make and you can dream forever or make your dreams come true. 

There’s a destination to go to and where are you planning to go with life? Do you believe in the path you are in? Do you trust yourself to go where you need to go? Yes, you do because you are brilliant and you will get there because you will succeed.

Trust in yourself that you can make it happen. You can do whatever that you believe fits best for you. Become a firm believer of “whatever is for you, will be for you”.You can achieve anything that is part of God’s plan. Believe in it. Speak into it and hold on to your reasons for starting. You can do it. 

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