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Dear Beautiful,

I don’t know what motivates you to keep going but, hold on to it.

Whatever is your reason to chase what you’re passionate about, hold on to it. There’s a reason why you continue to see that amazing idea that won’t go away. There’s a reason why you continue to see the vision of your life. There’s always a reason why you do what you do. I know you had a moment where you never thought you could be where you are but, you are here and let’s celebrate. I understand about the pandemic and I understand it can be awkward to celebrate something you’ve started but, you should be proud of yourself and proud of the work you’ve done during this pandemic. 

You should be proud that you’re doing something that isn’t part of your plan but, it is something that is pushing you to an amazing you. You are doing something that is right for you and no one can take away your celebration because you deserve to celebrate you. Have an understanding of the importance of who you are? It is important to see the best in yourself because God has given you a reason to grow, to learn and to live life. Yes, life is hard but, with the challenges you face in life will not last forever, unless you allow it to last forever. 

It’s amazing to see how you’re going above and beyond for others but, don’t forget about yourself. You matter as much as everyone else. You are definitely special, no matter what you’ve been told and it’s understandable because you have been told you’re nothing more than you’ve been told you’re someone special but, truth be told you don’t need someone to tell you how amazing you are. You need to see it for yourself and not for others. 

Your journey is your journey because your path is your path. Your path isn’t a straightforward path but a path of your story. You are not on this earth to please everyone. You are not on this earth to please your family. Truth is you can do anything you want to do. You can achieve because with God, anything is possible.The journey that you are in begins with you. If whoever doesn’t support you then my question to you is what does that have to do with you? The important question is how are you going to support yourself?. It shouldn’t be about,  “why isn’t so and so supporting me?”. Don’t worry about who’s not supporting you because there’s amazing people who are supporting you. Stay focused on what amazing things you could be doing right now. You can’t succeed, if you don’t start. If you need to start over, then start over. It’s still a celebration because you are here. You only have one life to live. You have choices to make and if you made a mistake, that’s okay because our life isn’t perfect. God knows we’re not perfect. There’s different paths to take, God will lead you to the path that is needed for you to walk in. Trust the process and trust in yourself that you can do this. No one can do it for you, only you.

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