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Dear Beautiful,

You are beautiful. I can say you are beautiful but, you may or may not believe me because what you’ve been told by people who don’t believe you are beautiful. Do you want to know the truth? Truth is you are beautiful because your beauty is your own and no one can take it away from you. Your beauty tells a story and someone else’s negative opinion about you shouldn’t be your main focus because you don’t live by people’s expectations. Live by what God has for you, live by what you believe for yourself and live by your purpose. Your beauty is your strength and confidence.

Calling yourself beautiful is what brings sparkle to your eyes, but do you believe you are beautiful? Society has expectation of what is consider as beautiful. Do you know what I say about society’s expectations? I say f-ck it and see yourself as beautiful as you are because God created you and your beauty is beautiful because from your hair to your skin, everything about you is beautiful. Your beauty tells a beautiful story from your flaws to your self-love.

Never let people’s opinion of your beauty affect your confidence in yourself because when you feel beautiful then no one has the right to tell you what’s “wrong” with your beauty. Do you see where I’m going with this? You are beautiful.

You are beautiful, you are beautiful, you are beautiful, you are beautiful, and let me say it again you are beautiful. You do not need people’s opinion to make yourself feel beautiful. Your beauty isn’t all about your looks because who you are and who you are becoming is what makes you beautiful. Don’t try to fit in the expectations of beauty because you are your own beauty. Beauty is your self-love, self-care and self-worth.

Don’t worry about people’s expectation because do you see yourself? It is important to see yourself greater than whatever someone has said about you. Why would you base your greatness or your beauty on someone who doubts you or who doesn’t see you. Don’t sit around waiting for someone else to tell you how amazing you are because you are simply amazing and you are beautiful. Do not compare your beauty to anyone because you are unique. There’s no one like you.

It is time for you to believe you are amazing. Embrace your flaws, your scars, and give yourself love with kindness. It is okay to brag about yourself because loving yourself is giving yourself the love you deserve and I know it hasn’t been easy to love yourself but, f-ck what someone said about you. You are special, you are beautiful and you are awesome. Say it with me: 

I love me, myself and I.

I love my story.

I love my scars.

I love my imperfection.

I love my growth.

I love who I am.

I love who I’m becoming.