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Dear Capable,

Failures aren’t meant to make you happy or excited. Failures are meant to test you, test your mindset, test your belief and test your faith but, what’s great about failures is you’re able to learn from your failures and start over again to a different path. Failures can’t stop what you see everyday. Your dreams will continue to be your dreams and your vision will continue to be your vision. The first time you thought about your dreams, the excitement was real until failure walked in and whenever failure happens you tend to give up. Which is okay because you are human and it’s okay to say “I had enough” but, you are bigger than your failures and you are able to overcome your failures because you are capable of making something out of what God has given to you. Don’t give up because it’s hard and you’re tired of failing but, you are not a failure. Those emotions you have about yourself being a failure are not true.

There’s no such thing as an easy journey because life is all about being tested and overcoming our downfalls. We may not have all the answers but, you are capable of living the life you choose to live. Everyday is different from the next day because some days you want to chase after your dreams and other days, you want to throw a rock to the wall(lol) but, regardless of how you’re feeling, it is okay to not be 100% everyday. You’re still able to accomplish your vision.Do you know what makes you, YOU? 

Your journey makes you, YOU.

Your tears make you, YOU.

Your growth makes you, YOU.

Your failures make you, YOU.

Your love makes you, YOU.

Your faith makes you, YOU. 

Remember who you are and hold onto your reason to keep going. God gave you a purpose and God didn’t give up on you for you to give up on yourself. There’s only one life to live and you are capable of living your own life the way you see in your vision. You are capable of making it happen. You are capable of moving forward to the next chapter of your life. You are capable of writing that book, starting a business and finishing school. You are capable of learning from your mistakes and growing to your best self because you are your best self. Life is hard but you are a warrior and you are able to overcome it because God is by your side and he will not leave you alone. You are capable, but it is up to you to believe that you can make it happen. 

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