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Tiffany and Juan met at a cafe, Juan notice her smile. Which gave him a reason to introduce himself to her.

Long story short, small talks turn into exchanging numbers to going on dates. Tiffany really like Juan and wants to take to the next level.

10 years later, Tiffany wants to be a wife and not a girlfriend anymore. She believes it’s time for her and Juan to be married Tiffany has been with her boyfriend Juan for 10 years and Tiffany is ready to be a wife. She has dreamed about becoming a wife since she was a little girl. Every wedding she walked in – she always say “one day, I will marry my Prince Charming and I want a big puffy dress”. As she grew up, she stop being the flower girl and started to be the braidsmaid. You know the saying “always the bridesmaid but, never the bride” but, Juan isn’t ready to be a husband.

Tiffany has witnessed everyone close to her getting married after 3 years of being together or after 6 months. So, she’s wondering why isn’t she married yet. She start to compare herself to others because she believe her time is ticking and she needs to be married quickly but, Juan doesn’t want to be married and he believes everything should stay the same but, he loves Tiffany.

So, since Juan isn’t ready and Tiffany is ready she decides to make the decision for herself and buy him a ring so that she can propose to him…………..

“A woman can’t change a man because she loves him; a man changes himself because he loves her.”

Every relationship is different, you never know when you’re relationship will take to the next level. Everyone has a different love story, no ones love story is the same, however if the love is real then it’s real.

Ladies ladies! I am here for women empowerment, women can do as much as a men can and work as hard as a men can but, there’s certain things that should be left for a men.

I’ve seen pictures and videos of women on their knees looking up and asking for their man hands in marriage. Hey, if you believe that it’s okay for a woman to propose to a man then that is you. No one is judging you on that but, some tradition should stay the same. My question is why?

Ladies you are a queen, and you should never settle for less nor go on your knees for any man that isn’t ready to take to the next level with you unless it’s your honeymoon if you know what I mean but, that’s not saying that whoever propose to a man settle for less but, truth be told why do you propose to a man instead of the man propose to you?

In my opinion, it’s desperation of “I see all these women I know getting married, so what about me?, let me hurry up and get married but, since he’s not going to propose then I’ll do it for him” nah boo, what if he isn’t ready? Hmmm? And what if that isn’t part of Gods plan for you? Now before you say it – “it’s never Gods plan for a woman to propose to a man” , yes I know but, the question is towards those who believe that a woman can propose to a man.

A man is going to do what a man is going to do. What I mean by that is? If he loves you and sees you as his wife – he will marry you: point, blank and period. And there are some men who loves their woman but, aren’t ready to take the next step. And to me that’s okay because you never want to rush into marriage, it never ends well when you rush into things. So, be a queen and let him propose to you or take your time knowing yourself before thinking about marriage or ask him “do you want to be married?” before getting deep into a relationship, so you don’t waste time……. Stay beautiful & bold…..

If you knew your man loves you, Would you propose to him? Or would you wait? What’s your opinion on woman proposing to man??.