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Who are you? I’ll tell you , you’re amazing , you’re beautiful and you’re bold, but that’s just my opinion. It’s what you believe who are you. I did something great for the past few days on social media and that was expressing who I am as a woman. It was an I am challenge which was created by founder of Self Care – Self Love, Diana G – with a #CauseIMatter because we all matter in life no matter what anyone has told you. It was an experience of embracing the woman I am today, but I still have lots to learn as I continue to grow each and every day. Some people would say “change isn’t good”, okay maybe change isn’t good for most but, change can change your whole life around because if you stay the same forever then there’s no movement in your path. In order to walk on your path, to begin your journey and to get to your destination then change is great. You start with change and you’ll end with success. Everyone has a different success story, what one person goes through to get to success might be different way on how you get to success or through life. You are who you are , so be proud of who you are, but if you’re not proud of who you are then change it. An awesome best friend of mine reminded me that – the opinions of others shouldn’t matter , the opinion of yourself matters the most.
I Am Loved. I’ve learned to love myself first before I can love anyone else. I love myself because who I was yesterday isn’t who I am today by the grace of God and his unconditional love for me.
I Am Success. I see nothing but success in my life and that’s what I’m chasing. how will I get there is acceptance, patience and Faith.
I Am Enough. Who I am is enough , what I love to do is enough and what I’m chasing after is enough. We always hear that it’s not good enough and the reality of that is it’s never going to be enough for anyone.
I Am Fearless. My motto of 2017 is it’s better to be fearless than to be fearful. Never listen to the noise and just go for it. The worst that could happen is you never giving it a try.
I am Different. Trying to fit in is boring, so you know what they say it’s best to stand out and be different. So I Am Me.
I Am Thankful/Grateful/Blessed. I Am all three in one lol. I am thankful for my life, my family & friends. I am grateful for the opportunities and blessings.
I Am A Queen. A queen knows her worth, a queen accept failures and keep going no matter what. A queen knows who she is and chase after success, a queen is different and doesn’t need someone to tell her who she is because she already know who she is. A queen is a boss. She’s Beautiful & Bold.
I am Beautiful & Bold and so are you!.