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Hey Beautiful people !!!! 

It’s day 655884874848

I know

I know 

I know 

Enough with exaggerating about the days … 

Alrighty then. Let’s get down to business…. Today’s blog could be about failures. Today’s blog could be about disappointments. Today’s blog could be something we all could relate to when it comes down to promoting our content, business, podcast, work, whatever project you’ve present to the world.

Before we start, I really want to say thank you to those who always have given me tough love and some of y’all are soooo mean(lol just kidding) but, I thank you for the continuous support and love you’ve share with me.

but I know it’s out of love because you see something in me that it takes awhile for me to see it for myself. I’ve heard it all before, Stacey be more open… Stacey, when are you going to launch something? Stacey, when are you going to tell a story? Stacey, you can do this.Stop making excuses. Stacey, why are you giving up? …. I’ve heard it all before and I really appreciate it but, most of the time my mind is telling me something a bit different from the “YOU CAN DO THIS!” Speech.

And yes, I know I can do it, but have you ever felt like you weren’t good enough? Well, I have my moments of feeling like I wasn’t good enough. I would be excited about an idea and instead of understanding the purpose of the idea, I quickly jump to point A to point Z like there’s no tomorrow.

Raise your hand if you’re someone who has an idea in your mind, you see the vision then boom you’re ready to start. You’re like speeding to the idea without planning, without understanding the purpose of your idea.

You know your why and you know your purpose, but you’re rushing the process of your vision. It is where I went wrong with starting my ideas. I’m always rushing the process and focus too much on the wrong things. If someone says something negative about my idea, it’s a moment I want to prove them wrong because I saw the vision, and I’m a firm believer in visions coming from God, but I failed because it became more about trying to prove people wrong than it is about my why.

I push myself to make sure everything is set, but again my expectations and trying to prove to the negative comments in my mind forces me to rush the process to prove I can make this into a success. Which I can, but success takes time and I believe I learn it the hard way.

Beautiful & Bold has been a blog for 3 years and throughout this journey I’ve learned, Success doesn’t come the next day. It is a journey.

A journey to grow and a journey to fall,

A journey to fail,

A journey to cry but, a journey to see what you already knew, which is the vision you see for yourself is already yours, it is up to you to bring it into light.

The mistake I made was rushing and my priorities was all over the place. Throughout my whole life I’ve always put others before me because I never want to seem like I’m selfish. Also, I didn’t think there’s something special about me because I’ve been told I’m nothing special. It’s a mindset of if someone believes this about me then I should believe it too.

However, it’s not all the way true. If someone believes something negative about you, it is not your job to believe what they say. It’s your job to believe in what you believe in yourself. I believe there’s something special about me, it’s taking time to reveal itself(lol).

It’s good to have confidence, but don’t shut down your confidence because you don’t see anyone buying your products, you don’t see anyone listening to your podcast or reading your blog and promoting your work. FYI, it’s something I need to tell myself because when you’re sharing great news or great content and no one shares it, it becomes the moment where I’ll think to myself – am I good enough? Was it good enough? Should I do this? I believe in it but,……. whew, so many questions because I second guess myself every single time I start an idea. Please forgive me, for I am human and it’s a process to see greatness in me.

I completely understand the expectations in an idea because you deserve to be happy about your idea. NO! Your idea deserves to be successful and you deserve to be proud of your idea because it is yours to bring out to the world.There’s a reason why you have this idea. So, if you’re like me who quickly gets discouraged or feels like a failure – keep your head up high and don’t stop dreaming because there’s a reason why we see the vision that has been given to us.

This year, I launched Beautiful & Bold t-shirts and I was excited about it. As soon as I made my final payment, I was ready to promote and share. Now, I didn’t want to put it through my site as of yet because I wanted to start small and work my way up into my site(which will happen). So, I decided to be the person who tries to sell you something at a corner store(lol) or at the middle of the mall(lol). Listen, there’s no shame in it, because I love those people who don’t give up and walks behind you to make sure you see or hear their pitch.

Could you imagine if we didn’t have any internet or social media to share our brands or business to the world? Yeah, someone who is shy like myself, probably not even try to stand by the corner store or the middle of the mall to let people know about my shirts or read my blog(lol) or buy my journals. For now, I am the person that’s at the middle of the mall or corner store promoting my beautiful shirts and journal workbook through social media.

But, I stopped. I stop to promote my shirts and workbook. I didn’t feel good about it and I knew I could promote it better. I knew I could present it better than I did before. I promote in a way where 1. Pictures of my shirts needed to be better(lol it felt rush), book covers needed to look alive(lol) and, 2. To remember my reason, to stand by my reason and to tell my story behind Beautiful & Bold because there is a story to tell and I pray I can push through the fears to tell my story. I know once I push through my fears, I will be unstoppable….

I never want to fail or feel like such a failure, but I know failure comes with growth and learning. Also, I never want people to invest in me if the content isn’t the best when I know it can be something amazing and different. Truthfully, I’m my worst critic and it’s a working progress to push through it.

If I can be honest, I felt like it was nothing compared to the amazing creators I see throughout social media. Now, I know it’s never good to compare your journey to someone else because it will drain you down to a path that you do NOT want to be in and I’m no way comparing my journey to someone else’s journey. It’s that moment of not feeling good enough and when you don’t feel good enough it tends to put so much questions in your head of “I don’t think you should do this because XYZ.

But, I believe I should do this. I should have my own t-shirt line that represents life and ourselves, I should have my own notebook line to help women to put themselves first. Btw, Beautiful & Bold has nothing to do with looks, it’s more about our life and our story.

The emotions of feeling like a failure and disappointment are real, and if you’re feeling that way because you promote your stuff today and no one seems to want to buy it or look at it then ask yourself, what you could of done differently. Some times, it’s important to tell a story behind what we put out because what I notice is people want to relate to you.

I’m happy with 8 orders of my t-shirts and 3 orders of my workbook…S/O to yall who have brought from me. You’ve made my day and warm my heart with sweet messages. I feel like God laughs at me sometimes(lol) because he shows me all these signs of what to do but, here I am second guessing myself because I’m stuck in the past hurts of what I’ve been told .

I will get back to selling my t-shirts and workbook soon. No, it won’t be on my site as of yet, but I will continue to learn to grow because I want Beautiful & Bold to become something special. I don’t want popularity because it’s not something I’m aiming for but, I do want to spread love through writing and if one person is feeling the love then it makes me feel like I’m doing something right and I’ve accomplish.

Here’s what I know, I will take my time because people can say whatever they want to say but, it is up to me to take my time and understand my why. We all have the reason why we do what we do. Why we started. We should not listen to the noise that tell us “no”.

So, what’s the point? 

The point is you have an idea, work on it. When you know it’s ready to share to the world – SHARE IT! Do not have an expectation but, have confidence in your work, believe in what you do and take your time because there’s really no need to rush. It’s okay to take a break from sharing or promoting your craft to take time to yourself but, don’t let any discouragement stop you from what’s already yours. You know the saying;

Keep going 

Keep pushing

Keep working

Keep putting yourself first because you matter.

One last thing, I’ve learned if you don’t believe in your work then no one else will. You come first before any customer, clients, reader, listener & etc… when it comes down to your ideas, you come first.. When you put your best work into the world, those who will notice will support you. Before anyone can support you, you need to believe in yourself. Believe in your work and believe in your purpose. You are your biggest cheerleader.

Question: What is one thing you’ve learned about yourself with any your ideas? *Comment below*

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