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What is self-love?

According to Merriam-Webster dictionary self-love is to”love of self” or “regard for one’s own happiness or advantage” but, what does self-love means to you?

   My self-love is …

My self-love is loving who I used to be, loving who I am right now, loving who I’m going to be. Loving every part of me. The bad, the ugly,the good and the beautiful, I should love it all. 

Who should you love first?

Is it a silly question to ask, “who should you love first?” because to love someone, do you really need to love yourself first? How many times have you heard “nobody can love you until you love yourself first.” or “how can you love others but, you can’t seem to love yourself?”. I used to believe in no one will love you until you love yourself phase but, I don’t believe it. I believe love is already in us and no matter how you treat yourself, I believe people can love you because there’s someone out there who sees the good in you.

NOW, I do believe when someone tries to boost you up or motivate you or uplift you, care for you and love you but, every second you have this “leave me alone” attitude. There’s a chance your attitudes can push away great people out of your life. So, loving yourself should be first but if you don’t, doesn’t mean you’re unable to love others. It took me yearssssss to love myself and forgiven myself but, when I didn’t love myself, it had nothing to do with others, it had more to do with myself.

I love everyone who’s in my life and who has been in my life because of who they are and what they do but, my love for myself used to be bad because of negative comments and toxic friendships/relationship. I used to care so much of what others thought of me because back then it was important to me to impress others and made sure I was likable. Boyyyy, did I waste my time. Fast forward to now, I could careless boo boo because I love who I am and no one can stop me from being me.

I’m not meant to please everyone on this earth and God didn’t put me on this earth to make sure everyone likes me. You’re not meant to please everyone either.  

   Where should you begin with love?

Loving yourself seems a lot of pressure to have but, why is it easier to love others than yourself? Because we’re harder on ourselves than others. After my teenager phase of try to fit in with the cool kids and became someone I’m not, I’ve learned loving myself starts with me. Loving yourself starts with you. Don’t put too much pressure on self-love, take the time to love yourself and take the time to know yourself like you want to know that fine man you keep daydreaming about.

       When is it time to love yourself? 

Guess what age I started to love myself. Take a wild guess………. At age 24. Yup, at age 24, I finally saw a woman I knew I wanted to be, I finally took steps in loving this woman and I finally forgave myself for all past mistakes, heartbreaks and pains. There’s no time limit in loving yourself because I believe there’s love already in you. It’s time you bring out this love that’s destined to come out.

        What is “Walking into love”?

Walking into love is your self-love journey. Everyone’s self-love is different but, your self-love is yours. I created a workbook called “walking into love “because I know there’s different steps to self-love. I know it’s possible to shine a light on you and embrace this incredible person you are. You’re walking into loving yourself, dating yourself, caring for yourself and more importantly you’re learning something new about yourself. So, take four to five minutes working on yourself and spend quality time with yourself with ‘walking into love” workbook.

      Comment below, what does self-love means to you?

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