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Dear Unapologetic,

You battle a good fight with 2019.

Yes, you felt pain.

You felt alone.

You felt failure and disappointed in yourself.

You were stress.

Depression walked in like there’s no tomorrow with sleepless night, but depression doesn’t define you and it’s okay because what’s life without downfalls and pain. You pretend to be happy with a great smile, but deep down inside you felt alone and wanting to end those tears and those negative thoughts, BUT what makes you so amazing is how strong you are and how amazingly you are. YOU ARE ENOUGH babygirl. I know you feel like you need to apologize to those who makes you feel like you’re behind in life, but no ma’am, you are where God needs you to be. It is up to you to move those beautiful legs and start moving in the direction you need to walk in. Stop talking negatively over your life. Life happens, you can’t control when bad things happen, but you can control your reaction.

DO NOT apologize for your growth,

for your truth,

for your failures,

and for your downfalls.

You seem to believe life has to be perfect, but you are a beautiful imperfection person and you shouldn’t let downfalls stop you from a great you. I know it’s truly been a tough year for you. It might have been the toughest year, but lets look at the bright side. Your baby Beautiful & Bold is slowly growing(could you imagine if you were super focus as much as you worry, where could Beautiful & Bold be at this moment…Just imagine…Amazing beautiful things could happen), but I believe you are able to make those beautiful imagination come into life. You created your own workbook called “walking into love”, to promote self-love and dating ourselves. Did you rush the process? Yes, and did you fail? yes, but you created something amazing and it gave you an idea to create more with love, and creativity. Also, what do we do with failures? We learn, we accept and we move on by trying again.

Do you want to know another bright side of 2019? Well, you FINALLY step out of your comfort zone and begin storytelling by writing fictional stories. At first you allowed your fear to take over because you knew you could take those stories into something you are normally good at, but you learn to take your time and grow until you get it right because you WILL get it right.

Do you want to know the greatest part about yourself? Well, you are more than enough as the woman you are becoming because who you are and who you’re growing to be, but what’s great about you is your smile and your love for people, but it is time for you to shine the same kind of love to yourself.Don’t forget about yourself. Truthfully, you are holding yourself back, but it’s okay learn to stay away from not moving your feet.Walk in the steps of more love and less worries. Also, please take a chance on yourself!

You are unapologetic and you are enough,

you are worthy and you are beautiful.

Are you ready for 2020? Don’t overthink it, but you got this because you will make things happen and I believe it is time. You can do it boss lady. I love you.

So, here’s to a new year, new start, new book with brand new chapters and pages. Let us enjoy and embrace.

Here’s to 2020!!

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