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Truth is …. I never got over you” (lol) 

What is the truth? Do anyone have the answer to why life is so hard? No? Why certain things happen when we least expect it to happen?…..No? No one really have the answer to why life is hard. We may believe we do because there’s different perspectives about life. And you know what? Truth is, it’s BEAUTIFUL to have different perspectives on life. It’s beautiful to connect with people through differences on life because you can see a difference from someone’s point of view but, sticking to what you believe in, while listening to someone else’s perspective on life, love and beliefs. If only the world can have a decent conversation without arguing then we all can say it’s beautiful. Regardless, I believe it’s beautiful to have a debate without arguing.

Truth is …. You’re human. You’re not a robot! And for years, it felt like we’re programmed to be robots(lol, slow down. I’m not going all educated about human going to be chipped or predicting the future about it and what the government is planning to do act. That’s not what this post is about). However, it sort of feels like we’re programmed to believe everyone lives the same lifestyle with a timeline of school, marriage, kids then retirement and lord knows, what comes after retirement.

Truth is …. you’ll wake up one morning with a smile on your face ready to start your day and other days, you’ll wake up feeling aggravated with yourself or frustrated about something. You’ll probably don’t want to be bothered because you want to be left alone and being frustrated, until you cool off.

Truth is…… you’ll change because you’re not meant to be the same forever. You’ll learn something new every single day about yourself and you’ll grow from every doubts, fears, failures and downfalls. 

Truth is…….. A heartbreak SUCKS! Being heartbroken about certain things has never been a great feeling but, it’s okay to cry it out. It’s okay to be human and feel devastated or feel hopeless for a moment because a heartbreak doesn’t last forever. God heals a broken heart.

Truth is…….. You are loved. You may love yourself or you may not love yourself but, you are loved. Love is what’s in you and it’s time to bring it out. Don’t feel discouraged about not having the love of your life but, understand you’re already special. 

Truth Is….. you are not your past and your past doesn’t define who you are as a person. You are you and whoever you are, you are phenomenal individual.

Truth is…. no matter what anyone has said about you, you are NOT what people say about you. You are more than what they say. 

Truth is …….. Life is hard but, does NOT mean we’re not deserving of an amazing life. With that being said, life is beautiful and there’s no one who can tell you otherwise.

Truth is……. you have a decision to make. Regardless of your situation, you have a chose to make. The way I see it, with life you have two options – 1. You can sit there and complain about how hard life is and do nothing about it or 2. You stand up for yourself, start believing in yourself and make a change for yourself.

Truth is…….. Failures aren’t the best moments but, it happens. Without failures, how are you willing to learn or grow? How are you willing to have a journey without failure? You may hate failure but, failure helps you to change your mindset and steps in life.

Truth is……. Only God knows the answer to our problems and I won’t question God’s plan for anyone’s life. His plans is better than the plans we have for ourselves and he has shown proof of that consistently.

Truth is…….. Most people wouldn’t understand your lifestyle and has an opinion about everything you do in life but, you weren’t meant to pleased anyone and you can’t pleased everyone. It’s okay to say “no” and it’s okay to not live a life like everyone else.

Truth is……. life is hard but, life is beautiful. There’s fears, doubts and failure but, you have the ability to take all of those downfalls and turn it around to make it into something greater.

Truth is……. Don’t give up because you got this. Don’t give up because your opinions to yourself matter the most. Don’t give up because your passion is what you stand for. Don’t give up because you need to believe that you can do this and once you trust & believe in yourself in your journey then everything will come into place. You are you and you are your own truth – BELIEVE IT!

Truth is……. You have a beautiful pathway. You have a beautiful journey. You have a beautiful spirit. You have a beautiful life. You have a beautiful faith. You have a beautiful story.

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