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Dear Transparency,

You are one in a million. Your genuine compassion for others, kindness and huge heart is what places you in a class of your own. Your intuitive nature is ground breaking for finding solutions to help others. You will go to earths end fighting for what you believe in. Gods watering has been good to you— every depth, crack and corner is constantly transformed, guiding you towards your divine purpose with every step. You believe in the betterment of self, attentive to anyone struggling to find it. An open book to many, but private with the most valuable moments you cherish.

Your mind and soul pour all these traits into others. The words you speak uplift. The love you give, incomparable. Heart provides security— you’re a true gem. People find comfort in you as your beauty holds depth far richer than what pleases the eye.

 This year has allowed you to dig deeper than you have before. Through various joys and pain, everything helps you evolve and you accept that. This has been a year of position so far. A stepping stone turned expansion of one vision, teamed up with God— you’re forever winning. Value steadily extending. Sitting back and letting Him do all the flexing.


Your life is just beginning. God is taking you places you never saw for yourself. This year was the time to realize you needed to do things your way and create a dynasty of your own.


So here we are, confidently living and going for it all.

My name is Ashley. I pride myself in being transparent and my purpose is going to make an impact in this world.

Do you believe in a 5-year plan? Why or why not?

I do believe in a 5 year plan for the simple fact of its importance of creating a solid map to direct you.

In 5 years, I see myself as a mogul and owner of my own media company helping improve the lives of others and creating opportunities for African American creatives.


You can find Ashley: