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Dear Transformer,

From the moment “new year, renewed mind” left your lips at the beginning of the year, you had no idea what the days ahead held for you. Your maturity and growth have been an absolute transformation that cannot possibly be denied; from the tears you cried, the back-to-back tests and disappointments you faced, to when you would decide to step out of your comfort zone to stand in an unusual posture by pressing forward into doing a new thing. Widny, I’ve watched you trusting God with a steady heart when nothing made sense. And yet, here you are, transforming; transforming from who you once were, to a woman blossoming from within. Here’s a fun lesson that holds truth – every developing person needs a little dirt to water their continuous growth.

I hope that every time you awaken from your bed and view the image you see in the mirror that you cheer yourself for not shrinking and giving into what you were so accustomed to. You’ve mutated from being the over-thinker, the overly-sensitive, the quitter, the fearful risk-taker, to running a full marathon from change to set apart, never set aside, transformation.
I am proud of you for refusing to abide by the same.
I am thrilled to see the blessings unfold, wrapped up in endless opportunities.
I am excited about your future!
I am delighted to witness a transformation that is deeply rooted in your growth.

Do you believe in a 5-year plan? Why or Why not

And yes, I believe in a five-year plan for one of many important reasons; a plan with strategies helps you to keep goals in mind as you work toward them daily. In the direction I see my life proceeding to in the next five years (if it’s God will), as a blogger, author, speaker, and of course, wife and mother someday: I hope to share my story of not letting your past use you, but instead, using your past for good and for sharing your story.

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