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Disclaimer: All stories are fictional. All characters are made up by me. You may relate or may not relate to these stories, but these stories are meant to be funny, filled with laughter, love, craziness and a little bit of sexy…So, sit back, relax and enjoy.

Touch Me

What if I’m hypnotized by his touch?

I don’t know if it’s something about the way he touches me, makes me moan some more and makes me want him more. The way he holds me in his arms make me melt inside, the way he looks into my eyes while his hands are between my legs, gently making sure I feel safe around him and I admit, I feel safe around a real sexy man. I feel safe whenever he holds me and touches me with his manly hands,but he has his ways of making sure I’m safe without touching me.

He touches me in a way like I’ve never been touched before.

There’s ways he can touch me without using his hands. 

The way he speaks to me, I bite my lip thinking of his sexy deep voice.

 His voice makes me smile and the way he starts a conversation forces me to think outside the box, 

He touches my mind in a way he has challenge me to take it to the next level in conversation, physical with him and with myself.

He opened my mind to a whole world of an adventure. 

I mean I remember when we sneaked into our favorite restaurant and we almost got caught because I believe we were loud, but it didn’t matter because it felt like it was just him and I in the bathroom admired each others touches and passion, but I can leave that story for another time.

He touches me with his intelligence, I love a man who knows what his talking about, sometimes I can picture myself on a desk with him on top of me kissing our lips against each other like we know we want each other in the right places. It always starts with a nice conversation.

He touches me with his knowledge, 

He touches me with his wisdom,

It turns me on whenever he’s eager to learn new things.

When he stares into my eyes it feels like he’s touching me with his heart.

My knees get weak whenever he kisses me with his soft lips,

At this point, nothing matters as he stares into my eyes and 

as I stare into his hazel eyes.

He touches me with his arms around me, 

Making me feel secure. 

He touch me passionately, 

Kissing him to his neck, 

Loving him with comfort,

Licking him with massages,

Moaning passionate for more of his touches,

He touches me in places that I shouldn’t say, but let’s just say the way he pulls into me and I gasp for air, it’s something passionate when a man knows his woman’s body and he wants his woman to know her body gently and passionately as he watches her into her eyes. 

But, he doesn’t only sexually touch me. He touches my heart as he has shown me what life is truly about to stay focus on myself and live life with love, happiness and laughter.

He touches me with respect, with kindness and with care.

As special as he is, 

He touches my  life mentally, physically and lets just say in other places, 

as someone who’s been a blessing to my life.

He touches me with love.  

Question: Have you ever had a moment where you were touch by someone who either inspire or someone special you can’t seem to forget about? Comment below *no judgement zone*…

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