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We all have a favorite dessert or a favorite food that we can’t seem to let go. Well, I have a craving for Chocolate and chocolate is my everything. Call me crazy but chocolate is there after a long day from work and is helpful to get my mind off of things. Chocolate is my go to treat and everyone has one. The rule is with every dessert you need chocolate, you can’t eat strawberries without chocolate and I know chocolate is not good for my health or anyone’s health but, chocolate is delicious. Chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream, chocolate cover with every kinds of fruit. Chocolate is something to crave during the late nights when you can’t sleep and you’re watching a movie – chocolate is a treat to crave for. Alright, I can go on and on about chocolate but , here our my  top 5 best chocolate brands of the world:
1. Reese’s
2. Kit-kat
3. Milyway
4. Hershey’s
5. 3 musketeers
No snickers nor twix or crunch , eww all chocolate don’t taste the same way, and definitely believe the list above is the best chocolate you could ever buy in any stores.