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Dear Bold,


This year may have been the best year of your life or it may have been the worse year of your life. Hey! Let’s not avoid of what could have been or what should have been. Well, to be honest it’s already happened but, don’t avoid it – let it out. You’re human you’re supposed to let it out. I mean what did you expect from taking a chance on following your dreams (Nothing ever comes easy).


So, I want you to scream right now. 1………2…….3….. AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Get it all out of your system.


I know this year has been a roller coaster and roller coaster seems fun & interesting (except as you’re going down that’s when it seems like it’s getting serious and let’s not forget about the loop de loop)


Let’s just go ahead and say, this year has been the best year of your life. Why? & how? Hey! Remember, don’t focus too much on the negative, focus on how your baby was born. Wait? No, you didn’t birth a child but, you started something of your own. You put your foot down and said, “I love what I do because it’s my passion”. You didn’t care what anyone thought of it. You decided to go ahead and went for it then Beautiful & Bold was born. You had no idea what you wanted to do with it but, all you wanted to do was write, create & spread love. At first you didn’t took it seriously, you were too afraid to put yourself out there, too afraid to connect with others because you didn’t want anyone to judge you or feel uncomfortable with people giving you a look like “what are you doing with your life” but, you’ve continued the journey by working hard and staying focus on yourself.

Congratulations! You’re doing something for yourself and not for others (BREAK THAT COMFORTABLE BUBBLE OF YOURS) and flourish.


The more you write, the more you felt a connection with Beautiful & Bold, the more you begin to love yourself & take care of yourself, the more you had a clear mind of your purpose + what you truly deserve.


Boy, you were tested through love, patients & strength. You wanted to give up but, you didn’t. you became stronger, what you went through this year made you understood the importance of your vision/purpose,


I almost lost you because you kept moving backwards and allowed your emotions took control over you but, you’ve learned to move forward. You’ve learned to take care of yourself and love yourself more.  I challenge you to trust in God to the lead the way for you.


Yes, this year was tough and tested you from left to right but, you’re breathing, walking, talking, seeing, listening & you’re alive. This year was a test and a new beginning of Beautiful & Bold. You didn’t give up and I’m proud of you. So, as we end 2017 don’t think about what had happened. Think about what you’ve started and how strong you’ve became. you started off BOLD. Which is why I’m calling you boldness, you decided you didn’t want to be a people pleaser, and you didn’t want to live your life for others. Living your life for others is truly a waste of time and I’m glad you’ve learned to accept who you are, and becoming someone better. I Love you, you’ve started Beautiful & Bold and you’ve created #beautiandboldletters – Keep shinning, this is only the beginning.





Dec. 31st,2017:

write a letter to yourself about the year of 2017. unplug a little & reflect about 2017(good or bad) reflect, release & grow. Let’s move forward. 




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