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Dear Fearful,

You are scared because you don’t know if you are able to do something about your dreams. You are scared because you don’t want to be disappointed with yourself and you are scared because you don’t want to fail again. You are scared because you don’t want to feel rejection. You are scared because you don’t want to try something new. Something new is a different kind of change, but an awesome kind of change that can change your life for good. You are scared, but you are someone who can push through your fears because you can do it. If you have fears then it’s okay to have fears, but do not let your fears make you feel like you can’t do something because you can. 

You are destined for greatness.Your fears will not hold you back from what is for you, but don’t use your fears as an excuse to not keep going with your dreams, your goals and your vision. Keep in mind to keep the faith for God is with you and he got you. Keep the faith that you have a purpose to what you see for yourself everyday. You will not give up because it is not in you to give up. Do the best you can to learn, to grow and elevate yourself. You are a warrior because you have a story to tell and a story that is meant to be told by you. Your mind is focused on you, you should focus on yourself. Don’t focus on someone who isn’t giving you a chance to grow nor who doesn’t believe in you. 

You can make it happen for yourself but, you need to believe in yourself. You are peace and love, whatever you are thinking about don’t forget about the peace and love you will bring to yourself. You care about your life and you care about yourself because you will show up to yourself. You will achieve today, tomorrow and forever. You may have not made your goal, but you will achieve. Someone can tell you no, but God can tell you, yes. God has a plan for you and the plan isn’t to please someone who opinions about you doesn’t matter. You are special and you are intelligent. Your mind sees the vision that no one can see because the vision is meant for you to see. Your journey has something unique about it, but no one will understand it because it isn’t meant to be understood by anyone. It is your journey that belongs to you. Forgive yourself for past hurts and pains. Forgive yourself for not showing up for yourself, but you are not your past and you are capable to move on. Your journey is beautiful. Get back up and try again, continue to try again until you get to where you need to be. Invest in yourself because you are deserving of investments. Everything starts with you, you’ve heard it so many times, but you can do whatever you set your mind to do.No one can take away what God has for you, except you. You are the person who can hold yourself back, but you will not allow yourself to move backwards.  

Remember, Who are you. 

You are brave. 

You are unapologetic. 

You are beautiful.

You are a success.

You will achieve.

You are awake.

You are at peace.

You are joy.

You are blessed.

You are loved.

You are faith.

You are bold.

You are greatness.

You are phenomenal. 

You’re a treasure.

You’re A Motherf-cking QUEEN(Excuse my language)

You are fantastic. 

You are fabulous. 

You are an overcomer of many things. 

You’re a warrior.

You are growing.

You are bold. 

You are enough today, tomorrow and forever.

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