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Dear Hopeful,

Truth is, you have a purpose in life and you may not know what your purpose is, but God has a purpose for your life. There’s times you may feel you’re not good enough or worthy, but you are enough and you are worthy. There’s a moment in your mind where there’s doubts and you don’t know if you could do something so called impossible, but you can do something that sounds impossible because you are meant to do something possible. You are enough for your small dreams and big dreams. You’re not perfect and you’re not meant to be perfect. Life isn’t easy, but your life is precious. Your journey, your success, your path and your growth all comes together with faith and love. You have determination in you. Don’t push it away, but hold onto it. Whatever you are determined to do then you should do it.Failures and doubts are not against you. Failures and doubts are meant to uplift you and teach you more about growth through your journey. 

There’s dedication in you. Dedicate your time, your growth, your faith and your energy to what’s important to you. Don’t let your excuses hold you back from your best self. Don’t push your dedication away. Start to believe in what you can do for yourself. Don’t focus on the what if’s but, focus on what can you do to walk into the next level. Believe in God’s plan for you.Believe in your journey and believe in your growth. Stay committed to yourself because it starts with you.Everything will come into place, you need to believe. It is important to trust in God, keeping the faith and being motivated. 

Whenever you feel like you want to smile, smile. Whenever you want to pray, pray because God is here for you. Your mind isn’t always going to have a positive mindset, but put in your mind that you can make your dreams come true. Loving yourself,

Caring for yourself, and Putting yourself first is what you need. It’s okay to fail because failure will push you to the next step. Don’t be discouraged, but be hopeful. Be hopeful that you can do whatever you set your mind to do.

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