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I’ve heard stories about the history of people who has protested in the 50’s & 60’s for their rights. We’ve all heard the history about the protest in the 50’s or 60’s. What amazed me the most is I watched it all on tv on Jan. 21st of the women’s march in Washington D.C.

I’ve heard about the women’s march , but didn’t expect it to be as huge as it was on Jan. 21st and how amazed it was to watch it with my little sister. However, I know some people disliked the women’s march because to some the women’s march means to have the right to an abortion, the right to choose and all those women were anti – life. I don’t think that’s true – I am not for abortion nor am I against abortion, I am someone who believes in no one has the right to tell you what to do in your life and the chooses you make in life is all up to you.

Women’s marched for fighting for what you believe in. Equality rights , human rights , LGBT rights, sexual assault, health care , work area rights – cause we all know not all companies respect their women employees because women are “too soft” – whatever that means. The women’s march was something incredible to watched because not only did millions of women and their families were there in Washington D.C , but in California, New York, Texas , Paris , Florida & etc… what amazed me the most was seeing women coming together and supporting one another. Here are my favorite signs during the march that I saw on social media and on T.V….

1. “I’m not giving up neither should you!”

2. Get up , Stand up , Don’t give up the fight”

3. “Muslim rights are Human rights”

4. “#WeMatter !!”

5. “United we stand , Divided we Fall”

6. ” Hatred’s greatest weapon is complacency”

7. ” Little girls with dreams become women with vision ”

8. ” We Want a Leader, Not a Creepy

9. ” I am no longer accepting the things that I can not change. I am changing the things I can not accept.”

10. ” Build kindness , Not wall ”