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One day I want to travel around the world and experience everything I’ve explored. My goal is to one day to travel around the world and there’s so many places to choose from but, here are my ultimate places to travel too.

1. Dubai
Dubai is a place of nice weathers , alright I’m not 100% sure that Dubai never once had any bad weather – if not, let me move there right now. However I am impressed of what I’ve seen through pictures. I would love to be on the beaches and to see the oceans, rumor has it the ocean is truly blue. I would want to go on top of the tallest building in Dubai and site seeing , does it help to say that I’m afraid of heights but, I know I can get over my fears of heights and enjoy the view. Going to the desert and ride on those camels – okay I’ll be honest, I probably wouldn’t ride on those camels because I don’t know I might hurt myself, I would like to be safe while traveling.

2. Paris
A city of love is Paris , and that’s the place to be for love. Paris is the city of romance , so I’ve heard. One thing about myself I am a sucker for romance and there’s nothing wrong with romance. I would want to go to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower in person and to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower to enjoy the view.

3. Rome, Italy
Yes, Rome! A place that is full with nice architecture to look at , it’s unique, cool to observe and I admire how everything is built. Picture this , you’re in a nice boat ride with a glass of wine in your hand with shades on while enjoying the ride with nothing to worry about. Only thing you could do is to enjoy life!. Hmmm,

4. Hawaii
one day I would want to go to see the blue sky’s and mountains in Hawaii. I’ve never hiked before in my life but, Hawaii is the place I want to hike forever and it doesn’t help that I’m afraid of heights but, I know I can face my fears when climbing.

5. Bora Bora
I would like to go there to have the feel of the island and to be surrender by the ocean.

6. Iceland
So I can see the beautiful lights coming on during the nights. Pictures nor videos doesn’t justify as much as seeing everything in action.

7. Australia
I believe kangaroos are super cute , and I know what you’re thinking – if I needed to see kangaroos then I should go to the zoo but, in my opinion that’s really not the same thing. Australia wouldn’t be the first place I would want to go too but, a place I would want to visit because I’ve never been there before and we all need to think outside the box.

8. London
Anyone that know me, knows I love a good British accent and I know everyone in this world loves a good British accent- if I could have any type of accent, it would be a British accent and trust me I’ve tried so many times in front of my mirror to have a British accent but, i sound more like an Irish accent lol.

9. Barcelona
Cheetah girls ! everyone has seen cheetah girls, right? Well, I would hope everyone has seen cheetah girls and if not then you’re living under a rock. Cheetah girls inspire me to want to travel to Barcelona just to dance on the beach and sit back/relax with a nice glass of water, I’ve said wine too many times.

10. Japan
I want to go to Japan because of rush hour 2 lol . I know movies are inspiring me to go to places that I want to explore and want to experience.