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Dear Beautiful,

Do you remember the first time you saw your vision? The vision that is made for you, the vision that spoke to your soul, the vision that made you feel like you were unstoppable and the vision that made you smile every single time you think about it because the vision you see for yourself is made for you. I bet you are smiling about it right now because it’s your dream to make whatever you are passionate about come to light.

You are excited about this vision because you feel it and you believe it, but what is stopping you from getting to the vision you see for yourself? What is stopping you from believing in what God has for you? You can have so many list of reasons as to why you don’t want to move your feet, but what’s the point of seeing your vision and not making it come to light. The road to success isn’t a walk in the park. Yes, there’s no doubt you will be successful but, your fears of failure shouldn’t stop you from believing you can succeed.

Those voices are lying to you and you don’t need to listen to those voices telling you that you couldn’t do something. If you are telling yourself that you can’t do something without trying then how are you sure that you can’t do something without trying. The road to success is to start to get to where you need to be. You are the starter to your success. The road to success is never easy but, just because something isn’t easy doesn’t mean you aren’t able to make something happen. Life can be a roller coaster in a way you want to get off the ride but, once you become successful then you will see the purpose of pursuing your dreams.

The road to success is you believing in yourself and walking in your truth. You’re not alone but, it’s okay to feel alone for the moment because you are human and you are allowed to feel however you want to feel but, remember to never stop believing in what you’re capable of. The road to success will have distractions that would have you thinking you need to stop but you don’t need to stop because it is your purpose to keep going and you don’t know if it’s something that is meant for you. There’s nothing wrong with taking a break because taking a break can be helpful to reflect and release. Which is what you need to do is release those doubts and fears and start to believe in yourself.

You need to want this for yourself and not for anyone else. Don’t give up on yourself and don”t give up on what you see for yourself. You gotta want your dreams to come true more than your fears, more than your doubts, more than  whatever you’ve been told because if God says yes then why can’t you start? Yes, it isn’t simple to just start but believe in yourself then you can do it. You are worth more than those negative voices and you are worth more than what someone has said about you because you are worthy. Keep striving and keep going. Even though you are taking a break, keep going because you will become successful.