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“When are you going to find a real job?
When are you going to graduate from college?
When are you going to get married?
When are you going to have children?
When are you going to find someone to love you?
When are you going to have another kid?”
And the list goes on and on. However, those questions shouldn’t matter because it is irrelevant to our lives. If you’re like me, who gets questions like these all the time like there’s this handbook of when or what my life is suppose to be like because after high school you’re suppose to go to college, get married and have children all in that order but, if you do something a bit different then the handbook that is being pass around then that is when the irrelevant questions comes in.
“Why are you doing this?
When will you search for a real job?
When will you find love?
When will you graduate?”
Here’s the thing these questions shouldn’t mean anything. These are pointless questions that only people who believe they know what your purpose in life more than you do. Understand this: I am with you because it’s annoying when over and over again you get questions about your life from those who believe they have the right to ask questions about your life. Here is what I’ve learned over the years – you don’t owe anyone any explanation about your life.
So, where am I going with this? Well, the real question is when. Not when are you getting married? Or when will you get a real job? To be honest I don’t like the term “get a real job”, what does that mean exactly? But we can save that title for another blog post.
The real question is when? When will you say to yourself, I will chase after whatever that makes me happy, I will chase after my success and I will chase after my vision. When will you say I deserve so much more in life And not follow what’s popular but, follow the path that God has for me. I believe everyone has a purpose in life. You were meant to do something with your life so, why not go for it?
The real question is when? When are you going to stop complaining about how hard life is and make changes for yourself. I get it, you’re afraid of what is to come. I know what’s that like to complain and not do anything about it but, what I’ve learned is the more you complain and not do anything about it is the more time is being wasted for yourself. So, what are you afraid of ? Is it people’s opinions of you? Or is it who will support you?.
I use to wonder and worried about who would support me through my blog but, I was reminded that I was focusing on the wrong things because here is the hard truth about people supporting you – don’t expect everyone to support you because not everyone is going to like what you’re saying and what you’re doing. You’re going to have to be okay with that. I know I am okay with whoever support me will support me and those who doesn’t support me then okay, life still continues on.
The real question is when? That is what I had to ask myself as I created beautiful&bold. I wanted my own website, my own blog and be my own person because I can only be me. No one can be you, except YOU. I wanted all of this in 5 years from now and I knew it wasn’t going to come to me like 1 2 3 – easy for me. So, instead of waiting till I turn 30 to have my own website – I start by starting and overcome my fears because my journey has been a roller coaster but, at the same time my journey has been beautiful.
So, the real question you should ask yourself is when? When will you start? Well, you start by making the first step, which is go ahead and start. If you mess up, who cares you keep going till you’ve succeed. Don’t let nothing hold you down or make you feel what you’re chasing for would be a waste – no ma’am. What you see for yourself is for you, and no one else.
The real question is when? When will you begin your journey of life?
❤️Stay Beautiful & Always be Bold.