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Hey Beautiful People!!!

How are you doing ?

Shittttt, what are y’all doing?*leslie Jordan voice* 

Yesterday, it felt like I was on my way to work and it’s one of those days, my favorite coworker isn’t there to make my day but, I’m stuck with people I don’t like(lol). Also, shall I say dealing with rude customers and all I want to tell them is …. 

But, I’ll be nice. Yesterday, it felt like we were living a busy hectic life. The new year just started and we’re ready to start our goals/plans.

You were always going to work, thought about your bills, learned new things about your goals, planned a trip to a nice island or a beautiful state, saved money for a car or a new place, applied for a new job, accepted a new job, and whatever you’re used to doing in your daily life.

But fast forward to today, here comes the monster or shall we call it a curveball monster. An unexpected monster aka curveball CORONA ….

This monster is draining us all from mentally to spiritually. It doesn’t matter what our situation is, it seems like whenever you turn on the television it doesn’t matter what news station you decide to watch, it’s continuous bad news. Cases are rising and death tolls are going up like there’s no tomorrow. Truthfully, I don’t know about you but, watching the news gives me anxiety.

However, I’m still trying to make sure I’m up to date with what’s going on in the world. What’s going on in the world is unexpected.

On January 1st, we were excited to start a new year with great plans, starting fresh, making shit happen because this is the year we do NOT make any excuses for ourselves and starting a new decade with something to remember. Let’s be honest, 2019 was a year of tests and hard times but, 2020 beats 2019 in tests and we’re only four months in. Four months in and it feels like a whole year(lol). I didn’t think it was going to get serious, I didn’t think the corona was going to shut down my job, shut down a lot of businesses, people losing jobs, shut down schools and shut everything down except supermarkets.

When I went to work on March 19, my manager said “we’re shutting down our stores. We will be back in two weeks”. I’m not going to lie, I felt good taking a two week break away from my job because I needed a two week break from my workplace. I needed a time to breathe and away from all the stress that my job has given me, but I didn’t expect it to be something like “we don’t know when we’re coming back, but we are going to wait till it’s the right time to come back to work.At this time, we recommend for all employees to apply for unemployment”.

It became real. I know I’ve asked for a break away from work but, I didn’t expect something like this. It becomes real whenever someone sneezes and we don’t say “God bless you” anymore or if we cough because our throat feels dry(lol), people are scared of you because you’re coughing and all you need is water. I completely understand the fears of covid-19, but I don’t think people should be rude about it.

It became real when over 26 million people have applied for unemployment and every state is on a stay at home status, which means we need to stay home unless we have to go outside for groceries or to work, but I’ve seen people who are not practicing social distance or staying home to be safe and still living their day to day life like it’s a normal day. Hey, I’m not judging y’all – do you, but please be safe …

Fast forward to today, we’re in a quarantine mood. I didn’t think this would be something that we will remember for a lifetime, but what is this moment teaching you? What is this moment telling you? What is God trying to show you?

I asked myself those questions a lot because the world is on pause. The world is on a stop button and who would have thought something you’ve seen in movies is what we’re living today. Yes, movies are more over the top than our daily lives but, this is our little movie called unexpected. The world is on pause but my life isn’t. The world is on pause but, your life isn’t. 

Is quarantine lifestyle the new 2020? I don’t think we’re going to be in quarantine for the rest of 2020. I pray to God we don’t be in quarantine for the rest of 2020(lol), but I will say I believe this is starting to be our new normal.Which is starting to be a trend #TheNewNormal in a good way. This is something I believe I need for myself. I can’t speak for everyone else but, this quarantine has definitely taught me a lesson that I believe I already knew. I just needed a little push to open my eyes to see the bigger picture.

The truth is everything is changing but, our goals, our dreams, things we want to see for ourselves and things we want to grow with haven’t changed. In the beginning of 2020, you were excited to start a new year, you were ready to say THIS IS MY YEAR” with no excuses. I’ve said “this is my year. I will not cry more than I smile. This year is not going to be the same as last year. I will have my moment”

Then Corona decided to pop up out of nowhere. Once, my job had shut down and businesses shut down + applied for unemployment, fear grew inside of me. I was scared because a lot was on my mind about it then I cried. I cried for other things that were happening on top of the corona news. I cried so much, I became angry. I was frustrated with everything. I even thought , maybe I’m not meant to be happy. Maybe I’m meant to cry all the time because four months ago, I believe better was coming… I wrote it down … and I saw the vision for myself.

Is it bad to say I even yelled at God? Thought to myself how and why. Don’t get me wrong I’m not questioning God, but it was so much emotion building up to the point I was disappointed in myself.

But, the corona is here and there’s nothing we can do about it except, facing the facts, embrace the moment, trusting the process and more importantly trust God while keeping the faith. I know it’s something hard to do because we’re human. Some days, it’s harder than others. I know some days I want to throw a chair at my wall because there’s so much frustration building up and so much drama I’ve dealt with since covid-19 started. If you’re someone who lives with people who love drama, I am sending nothing but love your way and to anyone who needs it at this time…

But, I don’t believe quarantine is the new 2020. I believe we’re going to remember this for a very long time. It’s history but, I believe there’s something to learn from this about ourselves.

Maybe, this is the time to heal …. maybe, this is the time to grow …. maybe this is the time to let go …. Maybe, this is the time to grow your faith…… maybe, this is the time to put yourself first when all your life you’ve put everyone before you. I don’t know, I don’t have all the answers but, I do believe God will show you what you need the most than what you think you need.

Pastor Steve Furtick said it best, “What if normal is not something to get back to? What if normal is something to look forward to…” 


I’ve said it all the time “ I can’t wait to get back to normal” but, there’s nothing back there because things have changed. So, what do we do?

We move forward to something new, but before we move forward we need to let go of everything that isn’t beneficial for us. This challenge is part of your journey, I say take advantage of this time. I’m not saying start a business or whatever social media expert is telling you. NO! Do something YOU need to do for you. Do something God always wanted you to do. You know what it is. You see the vision… there’s a new vision he’s given you and it’s different from New Year’s Day. Believe in it …. Pray over it … Go after it, but don’t rush it because who knows how long we’ll be in quarantine ….

Here are 5 things I want you to keep in mind:

  1. You are more than enough. You probably feel like your life is over because what is going on but, no way. Your life does matter and your life isn’t over.
  2. You have time to think. You have time to relax. You have time to see what you need/want. You have time. The way i see it, time is more on your side then it normally is, but God’s timing is everything.
  3. YOU are loved. You are brave and you are able to make your dreams into a reality.
  1. Keep pushing. Push – Pray Until Something Happens !!! 
  2. Tomorrow isn’t promised. Yesterday is history and today is a new day. You are still here – Thank God

Also,let me say my heart goes out to anyone who has lost a loved one at this time, there’s no words to heal your broken hearts but, I will say God is a healer and I pray he is able to heal you and comfort you in the time of need….. Don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t be angry, sad, frustrated or upset. Yes, you can.

Question: Since Covid-19, How are you feeling? Do you feel like quarantine is going to be the new 2020? Is 2020 still your year?(comment below)

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