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Dear You, 

 The pressure is on, is what people like to say. They say it’s time for you to be where you need to be at a certain age. The pressure is on once you pass the age 25 but, is the pressure really on? No?…..Yes?. Most definitely not.

The pressure isn’t on. We give ourselves every type of pressure anytime someone tells us what we “should” do or what we “shouldn’t” do at a certain age with our lives. It’s like we’re set on a timeline telling us, 

At what age should you be married? 

At what age should you have kids?

At what age should you start a career? 

At what age should you retire? 

At what age should you travel? 

At what age should you settle down? 

At what age should you graduate from college? 

At what age should you get your life together? 

Most people would of said “by age 25” but, my answer to you is NO. By age whenever God says so. 

Don’t feel any kind of pressure to getting things done by a certain age because news flash no one knows what tomorrow will bring and you’ll never know what will happen at a certain age. Yes, some people made it happen by age 25 and congratulations to them but, doesn’t mean you can’t make it happen because you’ve pass the age 25. Things happen when there suppose to happen. Things happen whenever it’s meant to happen. Things happen when you believe and make it happen. Timing is everything.

Don’t feel pressure to start. 

Start because you’re passionate about it. Start because you’re willing to go through the process of figuring life out.

Start because you’re willing to change. 

Change is part of growth. Whatever you start in, there’s a time of “starting over” and each step helps you to get closer to where you belong.

Don’t feel pressure about anything in your life. Things take time. God’s timing has shown his plans is bigger than our own. You’re doing fine!!! You are not alone. Don’t feel ashamed of where you’re at in your life. Take every step and learn from it. Make something out of it and do it in your way. There’s no deadline, the only deadline is today and you can start today. The pressure isn’t on for having a great life. You can have a great life today by starting what you’re destined for. Don’t let others tell you how to live YOUR life. You live YOUR life the way you need to. 

Be brave.

Be loved.

Be enough for you.




Walk by faith and not by sight because God got you. 

Say no to feeling pressure. 

Happy New Month beautiful people !!!

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