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Disclaimer:All stories are fictional. All characters are made up by me. You may relate or may not relate to these stories, but these stories are meant to be funny, filled with laughter, love, craziness and a little bit of sexy…So, sit back, relax and enjoy.

It’s Halloween! 

Time to get all the candy together for the trick or treaters. I should be dressed up for Halloween and go out to a party with friends, but I’m not in the mood to even party this year. So, why not stay home and give out candy to trick or treaters. Besides, if there’s any leftover candy I can enjoy them all to myself.Don’t judge me, you know you have done the same with leftover candy. 

The first knock of the night went well,

Then the second knock of trick or treaters went well, 

Then another knock of trick or treaters…. ahhh, opening the door for trick or treaters nonstop is exhausting and listening to “trick or treat” every single time gets exhausting, but entertaining at the same time because of different characters brings joy into my heart with warm smiles. So, why not open the door consistently with a smile on my face as I pretend to be happy on Halloween night. 

Finally, the clock turn to midnight and there should be no more trick or treaters after midnight. All trick or treaters should be in bed by this time. 

So I thought everyone should be home at this time.

I pour myself some wine …. 

I sat down in my comfortable sofa ….

And sat back relax as I play my favorite Halloween movie “ Hocus Pocus” . If you’re not a fan or don’t know about Hocus Pocus then you’ve probably lived under a rock to not know what Hocus Pocus is… 

Anywho, Hocus Pocus is playing on the screen and there’s a knock at the door. I didn’t expect company and I don’t believe there’s trick or treating going on around midnight…..

So, I got up and opened the door and it’s no one. So, I assume it must have been a mistake, I didn’t think any of it then another knock, I opened my door and there’s no one, but a foggy hallway. 

Since when has there been a foggy hallway in a building. So, I told myself I will not open the door for the third time. I will ignore and move on with my movie, but as I close my door and turn around to a woman in all white but, her skin was cover in dirt.

We’re staring into each other’s eyes, but I want to know how and why is she in my apartment. She walk towards me and as I grab something to throw at her , it went through her like she couldn’t feel a thing then she walk through me and turn around with a finger on her lips telling me to “shh” then walk through my door like this is a secret to keep.

In that exact moment, it feels like I may have been dreaming, but I didn’t know what to do next because I couldn’t call the cops, but then again I can honestly say I saw a ghost on Halloween night.

  H A P P Y H A L L O W E E N

Question: Whats the least or best thing about Halloween? Comment below …

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