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Happy Hump day !!! (Do people still say “happy hump day?”) well, I’m saying it and if it doesn’t sound cool then oh well(lol). Btw, if you didn’t know – I have a goofy personality. Also, how is your day going? I hope you’ve accomplished everything that you wanted to accomplished today. If not, don’t beat yourself up because it’s a waste of time and energy. No such thing as a perfect day.




Another one *Dj Khaled voice*. It’s an amazing feeling when others recognize your hard work and your platform. The “Mystery Blogger Award” was created by Enigma to showcase inspiring bloggers in the blogging community. With that being said, few days ago my favorite fashionista + blogger sister Sarell from HeySinderella nominated me for this amazing award(like whatttt). No way someone pinch me if they can lol. Blogging has been an amazing experience for me + can’t wait to see what’s in store for my brand but, i’m embracing every moment that i’m in because greatness takes time and timing is everything.


Patience is key !!!!!!


Alrighty then, let’s get started – what are three things you should know about me?



  •   I love writing! Writing takes me to a place that can’t be explained. It’s funny to me now because back than my elementary teacher was one of the toughest teacher you could ever have as a teacher. However, her tough love made me want to be open with writing because I hated it. From disliking writing to loving writing. Writing helps me to clear my thoughts and just feel at peace. Writing brings me so much joy & happiness to my life. I bet you’re wondering “do I have stacks of journals somewhere in my room?” YUP ! And I’m not ashamed of it. I love creative writing because you’re doing your own thing. you’re being creative through writing and no one can’t tell you what you can or can’t write because its what you’re thinking and it’s coming from the heart. Just know my passion for writing is real.


  •     Chocolate is everything to me! Lol. Yes, I’m obsess with chocolate. Yes, I know it’s weird and yes, I know you’re judging me but, *picture this* you’re coming home from a long day from work and your favorite show is on but, don’t feel like cooking. So, you make something simple – which is strawberries covered with chocolate. Doesn’t that sound good ? + taste good? #Thankmelater



  • If I had an opportunity to travel anywhere, I would travel to Paris & many more places. I truly see myself traveling everywhere to see Gods creation and to learn about different culture. I can see myself never being home and always going places after places. It will happen – speak IT into existence


Questions from Sarell:


1. Do you prefer french fries or onion rings?
Ouuuuuuu *young ma voice* . Aw man, that’s a tough one but, I would definitely have to go with French fries.


2.Which celebrity(or celebrities) are your fashion inspiration?
I barely have any fashion myself because my fashion is more layback, casual unless I’m going on a date or a wedding or an event then babyyy, I came to slay *Snaps fingers*. So, my celebrities fashion inspiration has to be rihanna(most def. killing the game in fashion) & Issa Rae.


3. Where is your dream vacation, what would you do there?
Too many places. My main dream vacation has to be Hawaii and I will probably hike, eat because I love to eat good food & sit on the beach with a piña colada in my hand + writing all day cause writing is my first love.


4. If you could only buy from one skincare brand forever, which brand would it be?
African black soap is the BOOM.COM . I repeat AFRICAN BLACK SOAP IS THE  and that’s all I have to say.


5. Weird question: If you could live with any blogger, who would they be and why?
What?!? Listen, if Melissa doesn’t adopt me as her little sister then I have every right to do it myself in the courthouse then of course Christine because we’re different and we’ll end up making an album, then Takeia because she’s the life of the party so, I’ll be twerking all day with her but, talk more about life with nice drinks in our hands then Shaienna because she’s hilarious and speaks nothing but, the truth and Victoria from shecandid, who can adopt me too cause she’s amazing + gives great advice on having a successful blog.


My 5 Questions: 


  1. What is your favorite movie? And why?
  2. What is your inspiration?
  3. What are your tips for selflove/selfcare ?
  4. What is your top 10 songs? (New or old – doesn’t matter)
  5. Weird question:  pickle covered with chocolate is the weirdest thing i’ve eaten  – what’s the weirdest food combination you’ll eat?
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Melissa from Mellieking 
Takeia from myvicariouslifeblog + unashamedqueens 
Christine from changedbypurpose 
Tameka from tamekachrismas
Rebekah from Iamrebekahdenise 
Shauna from shaunakay 
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Shaienna from shaiennamonique + @Selffashion
Kelly from themisskouture


Thank you Sarell, you’re an amazing person – inside & out. Check her site out at:


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