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Dear Leader,

It is time to take charge of your life. 

It is time to stop feeling sorry for yourself.

It is time to forgive yourself because you are not a disappointment.

It is time to tell yourself, you can make your dreams come true.

It is time to move your feet and get to work. It is time to see what I see in you. It is time to see what God sees in you. 

It is understandable to feel what you’re feeling at this moment because no one can’t tell you how to feel.You are allowed to feel whatever you are feeling but don’t push yourself back. Push yourself forward, take a leap of faith and move forward to your purpose. It is your mission to push yourself to your purpose. Make a promise to yourself. 

Promise yourself to not care what anyone says about your dreams or goals. Promise yourself to love who you used to be, who you are today and who you’re becoming to be. Love yourself more because you are loved. Take a chance at loving yourself. Choose to love yourself, choose to learn and to grow. Promise yourself to use your time wisely because you don’t want to waste your time and energy on things that aren’t beneficial to you. Promise yourself to not settle for lesser things but, believe that you are deserving of greater things. 

Take a lead to embrace your journey. Take a lead to say “I can” and not “I can’t”. Yes, failures are horrible to experience because the feeling of disappointment is something we never want to experience but, don’t lose your excitement. Don’t give up the love you had from the start. Be a leader for yourself and protect your peace. No matter of your circumstances, promise yourself to believe in yourself. Promise yourself to not overthink anything and start on your dreams. Your dreams will stay as a dream if you don’t do something about it. Promise yourself to be patient with yourself and what God has for you. Never rush because rushing harms you more than helps you. Promise yourself to take care of you because your mental health is more important than anything else. 

Treat yourself with love. Be the leader of loving yourself. Believe in what you can do for yourself. Promise yourself to be selfish with your time because you should never feel ashamed of self love, self care and self worth. Putting yourself first is saying you care so much about yourself that you need to take care of you and your needs. Never feel bad for wanting what’s best for you. Take charge of your life and never lose faith.

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