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Dear Growth,


     Change comes with growth, you were afraid of change but, then you realized you can’t become afraid of change because you knew you wanted to become your best self and you knew you couldn’t become your best self if you wouldn’t accepted change. 





  This year, you’ve cried more than you smiled, I know your faith has been a challenged but, you are a fighter of strengths, faith and greatness. Don’t take my words out of context because I’m not saying that all your life you had to fight *Madea voice*. More of saying strive for your happiness.  Normally, you would say “Strive for greatness” but, as time continues, you’ve recognized that you shouldn’t strive for anything but, yourself. 


Yes, it was challenging to accept the truth of pain and hurt but, once you finally put yourself first and believe in who you need to be. You started to believe in yourself more, self-love became stronger, self-care became better and the support you’ve given to yourself is well needed.


  You were too attached to the woman you used to be and not attach to the woman you are today but, as months goes by, you’ve learned to be attached to this amazing woman that you love oh so much. 



I understand change can become scary but, change isn’t meant to scare you. It’s meant to uplift you. Change is beautiful just as beautiful your life is but, change starts with you.


Don’t worried about your “what if’s” or “why is this happening”. Don’t waste time on “what ifs” nor the “disappointment” of life because you’re missing the point on life for YOU. You worried too much, STOP it. 



The excuses you’ve made are pointless and you’ve made tons of excuses this beginning year. YOU FAILED! SO, WHAT! GET BACK UP AND TRY AGAIN BUT, IN A DIFFERENT WAY. GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER!! NOT FOR THEM BUT, MORE FOR YOU.


 May sound tough but, its tough love to swallow. Your excuses can block you from being an amazing person that you know you are and doing what you truly love or what makes you who you are today. 



 You’re so used to feeling sorry for yourself or jumping hoops for those you care about. I mean it’s nice to support others and helping others, showing love to others but, what about yourself? Ask yourself, “what you need to do for you?”. Growth is what you need for your life…… Growth is who you are. 


 And I’m proud of the woman you’re becoming because you’re starting to jump hoops for yourself. 


  You were told that at a certain age that you need to figure life out but, YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSE TO HAVE EVERYTHING FIGURED OUT! Timing is everything, more like God’s timing is everything. So, stop rushing, stop beating yourself up and don’t let anyone tell you that your dreams are not possible. No matter who it is, you GOT THIS, and YOU CAN DO IT!



   You’ve learned to embrace those bad moments, you’ve turned your tears into growth, you’ve understood your purpose in life, the purpose of your dreams/vision and the purpose of today. You’ve move forward to a different direction and if failure comes knocking, you’re ready to kick it in its face. I love you and you’re going to do great things my author in the making. 





Here’s to chapter 27 

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