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Dear Eager,

What is the next step? What is the next step in your life? You may not know the answer to that, but you know what your mind is made of. You know what you want to see for yourself. You are eager to take it to the next step. You are eager to take the first step of your dreams. Your dreams matter to you, focus on your dreams. You can’t be a dreamer forever because you can make it happen. Your dreams will come true and you can, but you need to take the first step. Take a moment to close your eyes and clear your mind from everything that isn’t giving you the chance to grow. You are growing to your best self. You don’t have to know the answer for tomorrow, but at this moment you know what you need to do for yourself. 

Do you see what I see?

 I see someone who is eager to move to the next level.

 I see someone who will achieve.

I see someone who will succeed.

I see someone who will come out of the darkness.

I see someone who will be going up to the next level. 

I see someone who will make it happen because no one can do what you can do for yourself.

I see someone who will smile more, but will have tears of joy for great news. 

I see someone with love and peace.

I see someone who has faith and believes in yourself. 

I see someone who cares for others, but also cares for yourself. 

I see you. God sees you. You are better than those negative thoughts. There’s eagerness inside of you. Don’t let it go for anyone. 

Whatever you plan to do next with your life. Imagine yourself getting there. Believe in yourself that you will get there, you will get to the place where God needs you to be, but it  starts with you. See yourself getting there and starting. See yourself in a better light. See yourself walking into God’s plan for you. See yourself accepting things you can not change and move forward to what you can change for yourself. I applaud your work and I applaud how you haven’t given up on yourself because you should continue to push yourself. You are doing a great job, yes there’s been tough times, unexpected news and rough days, but you are here and you are able because God says so. Here’s a rule:

Do not apologize for speaking your truth nor your story. 

Do not apologize for changing,

Do not apologize for putting yourself first,

Do not  apologize for knowing your worth,

Do not  apologize for being yourself,

Do not apologize for your accomplishment,

Do not apologize for your success,

Do not apologize for what’s for you,

Do not apologize for what GOD has for you,

Do not apologize for crying ,

Do not apologize for growth,

Do not apologize for standing up for yourself ,

Do not apologize for love,

There’s one life to live and one purpose to live for. Each day you learn something new about yourself. You have the courage to take a step in life and become your best self. You are your best self. Don’t apologize for telling your story nor being you