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Dear You, 

Do you know what time it is? 

Today is a new day with a new mindset and a new way to start fresh. Shall we forget about yesterday and focus on today? We shall. 

But, I have one question for you. Is time important to you? Have you chosen your time wisely? Truth is, time will NOT stop for anyone. Time will continue on no matter what happens in your life. There are 24 hours in a day, how are you using your time? Better yet, don’t you believe it’s time for you to do what you’re destined to do. 

Time for what?

Time for you to get up and stop feeling sorry for yourself. 

Time for you to start seeing the greatness in you. 

Time for you to start putting yourself first. 

Time for you to start using your faith. 

Time for you to start God’s plan for you. 

Time for you to start believing and STOP making excuses. 

Time for you to start letting go.

Time for you to start loving yourself,

Time for you to cheer for yourself more,

Time for you to start! 

Yes, you read it correctly. Time for you to start! Time for you to pray about it and time for you to trust. Trust in God, trust in yourself and trust in the process. 

But, Have you started

Start what? 

Start whatever you want to start! 

Start your purpose, 

Start your passion, 

Start God’s plan for you, 

Start a business,

Start a blog,

Start a brand,

Start searching for your dream job,

Start traveling,

Start something.

How do you expect to learn, grow, achieve, succeed & etc…. if you don’t start? HOW? 

But, I understand. 

What if you fail? 

What if you can’t do it?

What if no one supports you? 

What if it doesn’t work out? 

What if you lose interest? 

What if you can’t? 

What if you don’t have the funds ? 

Too many what ifs and not enough “I CAN AND I WILL”. As we’re walking out of July and walking into August, can we please stop with “what if’s” and start with a little of working on you to become a better you. There’s someone special inside of you and it’s time to bring it out. Try your best and take the first step.

Time to S T A R T. What are you waiting for? 

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