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Happy Friday!! New month, last month of the year?? No way?! It can’t be December already. Wow! It’s surprising how fast this year has gone by. 2017 has been difficult but, mostly beautiful for myself & my brand. So, let’s get down with the get down.


I know I normally post every Wednesday and today is Friday but, something new has happened. There’s another challenge that’s going on. If you didn’t know about #SheHeals, which happened in August. Well, I really don’t know what to tell you because #SheHeals was an eye opener for myself and other women. So, feel free to go on twitter & research more about #SheHeals and participate, if you would like too because it’s never too late to participate in a Challenge that’s going to make you love who you are & appreciate who you are as a woman but, there’s another journal Challenge that I believe you should participate by using #HigherSelf2018 on twitter, Instagram, Facebook & your blog plus make sure you tag Tameka on everything you decide to share.



“30 Days of Self Reflection for The New Year is a challenge that reminds us of our higher potential and push us to thrive in 2018. Through reflections of our past experiences and year, we will discover the essential and transformation qualities we need to develop to become whole and fulfilled, to grow and expand. In other words, the key to our journey is self-realization.” 

                                                                      – Tameka 


30-day Challenge?!? I believe we can do it. Right??? Yes, we can!!! So, I’m going to Challenge myself to post every day by answering these wonderful questions. Ohhh, I just pray it won’t be as tough as it was with #SheHeals cause babyyyyy (smh – let’s not talk about it).


If you want to join with me then I Challenge you to post every day about #HigherSelf2018 on your site. It’s kind of like Blogmas but, at the same time it’s not. However, it’s a challenge I believe everyone can do and express their selves …… So, let’s get started.


The word today is Success:

Have you celebrated your success from this past year? Take the time to make a list of all your accomplishments from this year.


My accomplishments of this year had to be my baby (Beautiful & Bold). You would think we’re in a love & dislike relationship but, had to be my baby, my brand, my passion for Beautiful & Bold because it’s something I’m proud of & proud to start with. If you were to tell me 5 years ago that I’m going to have a site of positivity and spreading love + doing what I love & support other women. I would have laughed at you and said you’re crazy but, 5 years has pasted and I started something, which is something to be proud of.


  • Became a blogger, writer & creator
  • Took some time off to myself. Wait, how is that an accomplishment? Well, it’s an accomplishment because I didn’t give up, instead I needed to take a break from everything and reflect on who I am, who I wanted to become & my reason behind my brand.


One thing I’ve learned this year is that, it’s great to start something, it’s great to follow your dreams and create something that you believe in but, don’t over work yourself because you’re trying to prove to those that don’t believe in you that you’re going to make it. No! rushing the process will get you quicker to failure than success and I’m glad I’ve taken a break from everything, which became a huge change in my life because my love for myself has begun better. I’m starting to learn to take care of myself more by putting myself first. And I’m learning to be consistent the best way I can.  whoever said change is bad, don’t understand the definition of change because change is beautiful…. Here’s to success and many more blessings.


Reminder: to get to success, you must accept your failures and get through them but, don’t ever avoid it…. xoxo


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