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Dear Starter,

Start already! 

Do you know what’s better than dreaming big? 

Putting in the work and making it happen for yourself.

Imagine pushing through the fears, imagine pushing through the noises of people telling you “no” or “you can’t” and imagine your dreams coming to light because you hold onto faith. People don’t determine your dreams to come true but, you can. You can determine to let your dreams speak for itself because your dreams are meant for you to flourish with and start with. Everything starts with you. Your mindset, your heart, your spirit and your purpose. Are you going to let people get into your head and not live a life that is meant for you to live? Are you going to let people’s opinions about you stop you from your happiness? 

The answer should be no. You shouldn’t let people stop you from dreaming, starting something for yourself but, the truth is people can’t stop you. The only person who can  stop you from starting is you. It’s one thing to be afraid but, it’s another when you decide to never want to start because of fear. It’s understandable to have fears and there’s no way you can avoid your fears but you can push through your fears because you are more powerful than your fears. Don’t let your fears take control of your happiness. Start with your fears because you are in control of your fears. Although, fears can make you feel like you can’t start but, don’t listen to that voice. Push through that voice. 

Start with you.

The support you give to yourself.

The love you give to yourself.

The life you plan to live for.

The care you give to yourself.

The cheer you give to yourself.

The beliefs you have for yourself. It starts with you.

You can do so many great things. I’m confident those great things you can do is part of God’s plan for you. It is part of your purpose. So, start and don’t wait until something good happens to start but, start with doing your homework. Whatever you’re going after, make sure you do your research but, remember as you start, there’s a lot of learning and growing to do. So, don’t give up whenever something doesn’t go as planned. 

Who are you?

Whoever you are. Remember who you are and never let anyone tell you otherwise about your purpose and dreams. You have a reason why you need to start, you should start and focus on the vision you see for yourself. Start somewhere but, it starts with you. Who you are, what is the reason, and do you believe? God is with you. You can do this starter.

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