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Dear Beautiful,

Close the chapter and move on to the next chapter that is waiting for you to keep moving away from your fears, failures and doubts. We can sit all day asking what is next? Should we have everything set and ready to go in order to keep moving? No, because nothing is perfect.

Everyday you have a choice to make. You can sit there feeling sorry for yourself but, what good is sitting and feeling sorry for yourself going to do for you? You don’t need to have the answer to what is next in your life because it’s okay to not know the answer to what’s coming but, you can believe in yourself and believe something good is coming in the next chapter. Do you see the keyword?  You have to believe that something good is coming because feeling sorry for yourself does no good for you because feeling sorry for yourself is holding you back from becoming your best self. 

Are you eager to move your feet and start with what’s been waiting for you? Your mind is filled with so many special ideas, gifts and talents that you need to bring into light. Turn the page and see what is waiting for you and don’t forget to believe. You are eager to take it to the next level because you believe in yourself. No matter how many times you start over, nothing will change how your dreams make you feel.

Be determined to take the first step of your dreams. Focus on your dreams because your dreams matter to you. Don’t dream forever because you have the power to make your dream come true..You can and you will make it happen, but you need to take the first step in believing in yourself. Close your eyes and clear your mind from everything that isn’t giving you the chance to grow. No matter how many times you doubt yourself, you are your best self. You are imperfect because it’s okay to not be perfect. Do what you need to do for yourself because you come first. Do what makes you happy. Guess what I see? 

 I see someone who is eager to move to the next level.

 I see someone who will achieve many things. 

I see someone who will become successful.

I see someone who will overcome fears. 

I see someone who will make it happen because you can, you will and you must.

I see someone with love and peace.

I see someone who has faith and believes in themself. 

I see you. God sees you. You are greater than those negative thoughts.

There’s eagerness inside of you. 

Imagine yourself being in a place that you dream of being in. All it takes is for you to believe in yourself, God’s timing is everything but it starts with you. See yourself in a better light and believe you can do this. Trust in God’s plan. Accept things you can’t change and move forward to what you can change for yourself. I applaud your passion  and I applaud the way you push yourself. Don’t beat yourself up because you are doing the best you can. Here’s the rules:

Do not apologize for speaking your truth nor telling your story. 

Do not apologize for changing,

Do not apologize for putting yourself first,

Do not  apologize for your self-worth.

Do not  apologize for being yourself,

Do not apologize for your accomplishment,

Do not apologize for your success,

Do not apologize for what’s for you,

Do not apologize for what GOD has for you,

Do not apologize for crying ,

Do not apologize for your growth,

Do not apologize for standing up for yourself ,

Do not apologize for your self-love.

There’s one life to live and one purpose to live for. Each day you learn something new about yourself. You have the courage to take a step in life and become your best self. You are your best self. Don’t apologize for who you are and who you’re becoming because you are starting a new chapter.