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Dear Speaker,

Don’t be afraid to speak your truth.

Speak your truth loud and proud.

Be proud of who you are because you’ve come a long way to be here. Speak into your purpose because what is for you shall be for you. Speak into your life with love and peace. Use your voice with love and peace but, don’t change who you are to please everyone else. You can’t please everyone because it is not your purpose to force someone to see how amazingly marvelous you are. You can’t be someone else, you can’t walk in their shoes and live their lives. You need to live your life that God has for you. He’s given you chances everyday to take the step of life. Use your steps wisely, use your voice wisely and use your purpose wisely. Don’t try to follow the trend but, stand out into your own self. It’s a beautiful feeling whenever your mind is focus on yourself, your path and your life. 

Tell your story. Tell your story in a way that you should tell your story. Be proud of your story, for your story has healing, growth, forgiveness, peace and love. Don’t put yourself in a box because someone makes you ashamed of your story but, never be ashamed of telling your story. No one can tell your story like you can. Never be afraid to tell your story because someone is listening and someone would love to know your story. 

It’s okay to celebrate someone’s success because it’s beautiful to see the journey of someone’s success but don’t forget about yourself. Don’t let yourself not see how you are able to succeed because you can succeed. Don’t compare yourself to anyone’s path because everyone has a different journey and your journey is your own. Never rush to become successful because it only leads to failure. Don’t complain about what went wrong with your life, but take a chance to change your mind to what you can do to make what you see in your vision come to light. 

Speak into success.

Speak into love.

Speak into peace. 

Speak into happiness.

Speak into existence. 

Speak into goals.

Speak into dreams.

Speak into God’s plan.

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