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Dear lovely,

You are loved because you are not your past and you’re becoming a woman of growth.

You are loved because you are a woman who embraces her beauty and love for herself.

You are loved because you’re a woman with healing and so much joy 

You are loved because You’re not waiting for someone to love you in order to love yourself because You’ve already have the love that God has placed in you to love yourself,

You are loved because you have a story to tell. Through the ups and downs, through failures and challenges, You are here!

You are loved because no matter what has been said to you, You know who you are and you love yourself. There’s nothing wrong with loving yourself. You need to love yourself. Love who you used to be, love who you are and love who you are becoming.

You are enough because the path that God has for you is for you. No matter what anyone has said to you about your life or your choices, don’t let it stop you from walking into your purpose. You are enough.

 Today, You are brave! You are brave to push yourself to the next level. You are brave to take a break from what’s trending and focusing on yourself. You are brave to be real with your emotions because there’s nothing wrong with your emotions. You will show yourself love and you will show up for yourself. If being selfish means that taking care of your mental health………then 

Walk into being selfish. So you can take care of yourself. Shall we say you are a selfish beautiful woman? YES! You are empowering a phenomenal beautiful woman. You will protect your peace, You will protect your energy and You will protect your time. There’s no one like you, there’s no one who can become you. Only you can become your best self. Choose yourself…

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