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Disclaimer:All stories are fictional. All characters are made up by me. You may relate or may not relate to these stories, but these stories are meant to be funny, filled with laughter, love, craziness and a little bit of sexy…So, sit back, relax and enjoy.

Someday, I Will

Why is it hard to say “I love you”?

Is it hard to say “I love you” ?

Can you truly look into someone’s eyes and say “I love you”?

Imagine meeting someone amazing and it’s time, you’re feeling it. You’re feeling a type of love you’ve never experience before and you want to say “I love you”, but fear can have it’s way to block you from saying it.

Doesn’t it scare you. I know it scares me. It scares me to the core because the last time I told someone “I love you”, he played me like a fool. The heartbreak reminded me to never say those words ever again, but….

There’s someone new and I want to say “I love you” to him, but why is it so hard to say the big L O V E to someone who actually deserve my love. Who actually shown me what he’s truly about.

Is it fear of rejection? 

Is it fear of another heartbreak?

Is it the fact that love “hurts”?, but I don’t believe love hurts. It may have felt that way whenever there’s a heartbreak, but expectations turns into disappointment can make it feel like love hurts.

There was a time I wanted to give up on love because of my past hurts, but when I met him. My mind felt open, but my heart wasn’t going to have it. The first time I met him, he had a smile on his face that lights up the room. He could hold a conversation and I mostly didn’t like people who talk so much, but his conversation felt interesting to understood and eager to learn more about what he spoke about. Some days, I didn’t want it to be serious because I wasn’t going to let anyone to break my heart ever again, but… 

when he checks on me, 

when he cheers me on, 

when he encourages me to become my best self, 

when he makes sure I’m alright, 

when he supports my dreams and understands my vision,

when he randomly sends me sweet messages about what he sees in me, 

When he reminds me to think about myself, 

When he prays for me and reminds me how beautiful I am. It makes you believe there’s a chance for love, but what am I afraid of? Because I have pushed him away plenty of times because I wanted to push him away before he could ever get a chance to break my heart. Sounds negative, but a girl has to be careful. Sometimes, things change when you least expected, but I love him. It’s hard to admit it and it’s hard to say it because fear of love seems scary, but when you meet the right person, your mind fear slowly goes away. 

I love him, but am I ready to say it?

I love him, but I don’t know if I should say it first.

I love him, but am I ready to put my fear to the side? 

It’s easy to talk to him, but isn’t easy to say “I love you”. 

I mean what’s the worst that could happen? Not saying it back. 

I believe life is about taking risk. Some risk may teach you something that you need to gain from and other risks may change something good in your life. With love, its different when it’s someone special, someone you see yourself with, someone you see to grow with, build with and able to be vulnerable with.

Someone who is patient through your flaws and shows you more than they can tell you..There for you, no matter how annoying you’ve been. So, yeah…I love him, but someday I’ll say it when it’s the right time…..

Question: How was your first time saying “I love you”? Are you willing to say it again to the right person?why or why not?*Comment below*

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