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Have you ever been insecure about something , and it takes a tool on you because you’re always having trouble to be happy. How about you want to wear that bathing suit or outfit but, you can’t because you’re either insecure of how you’ll look And I know that most people would say that if you’re insecure about something then change it. Well, sometimes changing your flaws isn’t always the answer if you don’t love you’re flaws. The more you change about yourself based on others opinion of you, the more you’ll feel less about yourself and no one should feel that way. Beautiful and bold is about confidence, it is about who you are with creativity and having fun. Self esteem is all about what’s within , self esteem is how you care for yourself , how you love yourself and more importantly self esteem is a journey.
I know Self esteem is hard to have on a high level when everywhere you look in magazines , social media and etc. on what’s beauty suppose to look like in society seems not beauty to you and I’ve laugh at that because most of the time what’s in a magazine is photoshop but not all magazine does it but those that do is laughable. Sometimes self esteem can get tough when you see others lifestyle through social media, you feel like you’re not living up to the lifestyle that most people have. The reality is people just show you what you want to see because you never see what’s going on behind closed door. Life is a roller coaster but, still your life is beautiful. once you start love who you are, believing in yourself and seeing how great you are then that is when your self esteem will rise up to the top , no matter what anyone has said to you or tried to lower your self esteem down. Low self esteem tend to happen by other people’s opinions on you or what you see. I realize it isn’t about what society thinks nor what other people thinks what looks good, it is what you believe, it is what you think of yourself. Begin to love your flaws, be confident and don’t ever compare yourself to others. I’ve learned that everyone is different in their unique way. Start off by loving yourself, and self care by taking care of you. Don’t let anyone drain you down from who you are. Confidence is the key.