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Dear Greatness,


Happy New Year!!! Another year of life is another blessing and we need to keep in mind that nothing will ever come easy & no matter how life will treat you, life is beautiful.  We’ve said goodbye to 2017, a year of plenty of tests but, a year of taking risks (Be proud of yourself, you’ve made it this far – soldier)


 Say hello to 2018!!

Don’t let anyone tell you, your dreams are impossible to achieve – NO! What’s impossible is someone trying to stop you from chasing:

  • Your vision,
  • Your dreams
  • And goals in life.


It’s impossible for someone to stop you because you wouldn’t allow it. The only person who can stop you from anything in life is yourself. In 2018, Stop waiting for someone to rescue you, stop thinking someone’s going to give you a start up in your vision, stop caring so much what people think of you and stop wondering what so & so doing then start living for yourself. Investing in yourself. Believing in yourself. Working hard for yourself. Taking chances for yourself. God gave you one life to live, use it wisely. Do not listen to anyone who tells you as to why you shouldn’t fulfill your purpose. 


You’re amazing!! Your greatness is something to remember because you have a vision, a vision that no one can’t see but, only you can understand the purpose of your vision.


Will others laugh at you? Yes

Is your vision impossible? To others? Yes but, to yourself? HELL NO!


For the month of January,


  • smile more
  • Love more
  • Be selfish!!! Yes, I said it. Be selfish
  • Mediate through prayer, workout, reading books & etc.
  • travel
  • Go on dates
  • Live more. Stop putting yourself in a bubble
  • Have an idea. Go for it
  • Embrace everyday like it’s your last.
  • Be GREAT.




Write a letter to yourself about your goals for the month of January + your plans for 2018, what you’re planning to let go, what you’re planning to change & how will you manifest your plans for 2018??




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