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Dear Relentless,

If there is one thing 2019 has taught me, it is everything other people have said about me being bold and daring is the absolute truth. If I could take a trip back in time to each month of this year, it would show my intense drive to not only survive, but to thrive.

No matter what I went through this year, I fought hard for my ability to enjoy the quality of my life. In January, I finally took the initiative to pursue acting more seriously with classes. Also, I began taking my creative dreams as a whole more seriously. Each month, I’ve at least tried one thing related to acting and creating.

Although, it wasn’t a huge success. Regardless I showed the universe I wanted this to become a part of my day to day life. Throughout the year I began to realize that the harder I desired to act and pursue any other creative endeavor, the more difficult things became for me. I went from one job to the next in almost an instant. There were periods of time where I was completely jobless and literally rubbing pennies together just to pay my rent. It didn’t end there, I got to the point where sometimes I’d have to skip meals to pay for other bills. I’ll never forget at one point my friends kept mentioning that I was losing weight and truth is I was just hungry, but too embarrassed to ask for money for food. 

Relentless, you went through quite the year, but with the support of friends, family, and even online friends you somehow made it through. I know this hasn’t been the easiest last three years for you. However, I am pretty sure this is because of the promise and calling God has placed on your life.

My best friend, Sam, is always speaking to this calling because she’s seen me at my very best and my very worst. I never sat down to really consider the truth in this until recently. I have literally faced death in a variety of ways from close calls of near accidents, severe suicidal thoughts, being at the wrong place but right before the wrong time unfolded. I literally dodged a bullet during the summer. One day after leaving a meeting for my current job, I found out a shoot out had taken place on the exact corner that I had been standing on about 30 minutes prior waiting for my Lyft to go home. If you are spiritual or close to GOD that moment is what we call divine timing/divine favor. All of these close calls took place within 2019 alone but somehow I am still here. 

I know that my life has a testimony that will inspire millions one day. For that very reason I know there is no way I can just lay down and give up. There is too much at stake for me to let life just simply pass me by. Relentless, you have went through some of the worst times, but you have also experienced some of the best. Going into 2020, you need to keep in mind these 3 core lessons from 2019:

1) Accepting or asking for assistance on your journey does NOT equate to you being weak,

2) Listen to your first mind aka your intuition or gut feeling, and

3) Don’t allow or accept just anyone’s presence in your life without knowing their intentions with you first. A bonus lesson from 2019 is this: “Do nothing without intention.” Relentless, you have my full permission to kick some major ass in 2020. Launch those ideas, businesses, events, projects etc. without fear. Lastly, continue to live life as relentlessly as the bold and daring soul that you are. 

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