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Dear Sweetheart,

Don’t compare yourself to someone who isn’t you. You are only one person who can only become you. Who you are is who you are. No one can take away who you are because you are you. You shouldn’t feel pressure to follow the footsteps of anyone else’s journey except your own. God has a plan for you, it’s time you step forward to what he has for you and stop trying to keep up. It’s okay to be different and it’s okay to be in a different chapter than everyone else. You have a chance to become a better you. You have a chance to show yourself love and believe in the woman you are becoming. You have a chance to remind yourself you can do it. As many times you need to remind yourself you are capable then feel free to do what it takes to believe in yourself.

It is up to you to dream big, believe in your dreams and make it happen for yourself. It’s more than to say it but, do you believe it? You are not perfect and there’s days you want to scream and cry all day because you feel like it’s never ending to your setbacks but, your setbacks should push you to the next level and teach you about yourself. You’re a brave phenomenal woman who has love inside of her and you are able to see yourself as someone who is worthy to live the life that God has given her. You are worthy to celebrate who you are because what I see is someone special. You are worthy to succeed and accomplish your goals. You are scared because you hear voices in your head telling you, you can’t do something because for years you’ve been told you can’t do anything but, you can. If God says you can then those voices that are telling you that you can’t are lying to you.

Put yourself first and take a moment to think of yourself. Don’t think of your mistakes but, think about how you’ve grown to become someone who has a mind like no one else. It is time to think of yourself more often because you are not a selfish person. You are caring, loving and kind but, you deserve the love that you have given to others. Let go of everything that isn’t given you the benefit of life because you need to move on to fulfill your purpose. You need to move on to fulfill your dreams and to live your life. Someone is always going to be unhappy with your choices but, it is on them and not on you. What makes you happy? What is your purpose? You are the one who matters in your life. If there’s a closed door then God has something better for you. Do not rush because you are tired but take your time to learn and grow. You are tired of crying and you are tired of feeling like a failure but, it’s okay because better days will come.

You are a success.

You are capable of fulfilling your dreams.

You are able to execute and elevate.

You are a believer because you believe in yourself. 

You are faith because you have faith. 

You are growing to your best self because you are not the same anymore. You should be proud of yourself.

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