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Have you ever heard the term “a job is a job, as long as you’re getting paid”? I know I have heard of that phrase plenty of times and sometimes it’s annoying to hear because I understand we shouldn’t complain about what a tough day we’re having but, we should make the best out of it.


I don’t think people are complaining when they’re talking how bad their day has been. There’s a difference between being frustrated with a job to talking the talk but, not doing much about it.


For example, if you hate your job that bad why not go out there and find a new one. I believe retail has to be one of those jobs that you want to go home, lay in bed forever till no one knows you exist. I should know because I’ve been working in retail for 5 years and there’s been ups and down working in a retail store, but a job is a job however, if you’re not happy then it’s time for a new chapter and change the page. So, theses are my pros and cons of working in retail.




* Discounts


Everyone loves working at a place that gives you a good percentage of discounts, the worst part is every paycheck you’ve earned goes towards the store but, hey there’s no problem with a little shopping and a discount. Depending on the percentage, my first reality job gave 25% off to all the employees – not great but, that is way better than 10% at another retail job I work at.


* Co-workers


You will meet people who are genuinely nice and respectful. Which can make your job easier to like more than disliking it. You’ll have co-workers who will cover your shifts and you’ll build friendships, were your co-workers are more of a family to you than someone you work with.


* Flexible


If you’re someone who’s in school or doing something else than school, most likely working in a retail store can be helpful to your schedule. They can always work with your schedule no matter what the problem is. I believe that’s the best one yet.




* Racial Profiling


I know that is something new to say and different but, yes working at a retail store you’ll deal with so much racial profiling. Basically, even though your job is to be an sales associate but, you’re also a security guard for free. To be honest, my opinion on this racial profiling is simple as this why keep an eye on one particular race and not others, when other race has stolen more than the particular race that are being watched and followed. I could be wrong with that statement however, it’s what I witness at work everyday and every time I punched in.


* Hours


One week you’ll work over 30+ hours and the next week you’ll work less than 10 hours. It’s never enough, and working for a 4 hour shift is like working for a 10 or 12 hour shift. And there’s always an excuses as to why you can’t always have 30+ hours.


* Customers


I am not referring to all customers because some people who comes to shop are having a great day and are very respectful but, most of the customers I’ve dealt with were rude and nasty to employees. One thing I love is  face expression I get when I respond back to rude customers. I love when certain customers believe because I am working they believe no matter what I should give respect at all times. And I have respectfully responded calmly with eyes roll back of my head. It’s simple as this, treat others how you want to be treated…..


If you ever work at a retail store, what are your Pros and cons? I’m sure there’s plenty but, these are my pros and cons of working  retail.