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Dear Open Book, 

Your transparency with the world, your loved ones and most importantly yourself, has saved your life. Your healing journey throughout the years have progressed and elevated self-love and self-worth.

You’ve been through some major trauma in your life, yet here you are with your head held high. When they expected you to fold under the pressure, you did just that unapologetic. When people thought you’d fake strong, you stood weak with no shame. It was in those moments though, where your strength became evident. You no longer cared about the opinions, the whispers, the rumors or what they were saying about your past.

You stood in your truth and you embraced your hurt with confidence.


 Dang girl, you’re a beast.

One thing I can never take away from you is that though this past year has been hard for you, time and time again you overcame the weight of what was put on you.

How do you do it?

How are you so tough yet so soft?

How do you wear your emotions on your sleeves so effortlessly?

How can you still stand strong after what you’ve been through??

Your perseverance is your gift. As many times you’ve been knocked down, you’ve gotten back up. Whether it was with a bloody nose, a busted lip, a swollen eye, or a broken limb, you made sure you showed the enemy that you weren’t the one to mess with. These trials will form, these battles will form, these addictions will form —- But not one will prosper. Continue to share your story with the world, you’re doing great sweetie.

Love your very self,

Mel ♥

Do you believe in a 5-year plan? Why or why not??

I absolutely believe in planning your life out and writing down things into existence. When you do that, you have direction of what and where you want your future to mirror. I’m also a firm believer that not everything goes as planned either — but shouldn’t discourage you from planning.

In 5 years I’ll be 35 going on 36 (wow those numbers just feel so weird to type regarding my age lol)

By the time I’m that age, I see myself being an ever stronger yet still softer woman. I’m wiser, I’m way more confident, way more disciplined, extremely hard working and driven. More business educated and more fearless

I would love to be — no, I will be a best-selling author with a major brand that promotes transparency and vulnerability

Living in a house that is paid OFF!

I desire to be married with kids by then (crossing fingers)

Traveling (even though I hate planes)

And making people’s lives better by just being me.

You can find Mellissa on:

Instagram: @Mellieking


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