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Dear Blossom,

Don’t doubt yourself because you failed.

You failed but, you’re learning.

You failed but, you’re growing.

You failed but, you’re holding onto faith.

Don’t give up because your journey isn’t going as planned. Don’t let yourself push back to someone you’re not. Don’t question yourself with the what ifs because it’s time to push yourself through the what ifs and learn to take steps into your purpose. Hold on to your excitement and don’t let go. Never stop.

Never stop dreaming because your dreams are important to have and there’s something about your dreams that give you a purpose to your next chapter. Never stop working on yourself because everyday you have a chance to learn something new about yourself. Everyday is a different type of day but, it is up to you to decide on what kind of day you want to thank yourself for tomorrow. Never stop growing because you are not perfect and there’s only one life to live. The life you need to live is your life. The opinions of others shouldn’t matter.

If someone isn’t supporting you then support yourself. If someone doesn’t see how amazing you’ve grown then ask yourself, what do you see in yourself?. You can’t live your life based on people’s opinion. Break out of that shell and stand out into your own journey. What do you want? What do you believe? It is up to you. Yesterday is old news, don’t waste time on things that don’t give you the benefit. If it has nothing to do with your dreams, goals, future plans or God’s plans then you don’t need to focus too much on things that don’t need your attention.

Be your biggest cheerleader.

Be your biggest lover. Meaning love your flaws, love your ups and downs of life, love who you are, who you used to be and who you’re becoming.

Be your biggest supporter and cheer for yourself. The truth is some people see how amazingly you’ve blossomed. Don’t focus on those who always want to bring up your past and be negative about your life choices. Focus on what you are doing at this moment. I will continue to say this because it is the truth. There’s something special about you, don’t let anyone make you feel like there’s nothing special about you because there is something special about you…Keep going and don’t give up. It is okay to take different paths, life isn’t always straightforward.

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