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How many times have you heard “Life is hard”?


How many times have you said, “life is hard”?

Maybe once in a blue moon or whenever there’s a downfall you’ll say, “Life is hard”.  There’s nothing wrong with saying “life is hard” because the truth of the matter is life IS hard. There’s no joke when it comes down to life. Truth is, we never know what could happen in the next minute or hour. The only thing that we can control is how we respond and how we handle it. 

When I was a kid, I’ve gone through ups and downs of life but, the faith of my grandmother helped me to believe that I have nothing to worried about but, I assume once I became an adult maybe life would have made more sense and became better. Truthfully, as a kid I thought adults had it easier than kids but, I’m an adult and I wish I could be a kid again (I’m kidding).

Truthfully life is hard but, does it mean we have to sit around and complain how hard life is? Yes and no. Yes, because we’re human. Whenever I’m having a bad day, I don’t want anyone to bother me nor don’t want to talk about it because mentally, all I can think about is how could this happen to me and do I deserve this? We’ve all gone through the moment of “why” and “I guess I have to deal with it” but, we wouldn’t be human if we’re not honest with ourselves. However, life IS hard but, does it mean we should give up everything we’re so passionate for and complain more than doing something about it. Now, before I get the “you don’t understand, I have to worried about lights, I have to worried about what I need to eat & etc.” understandable. Of course, we’re worried about how things are going to go or what’s next. Of course, we’re stress mentally, physically and spiritually + financially. There’s no shame in worrying about what comes next but, don’t let the stress or worry kill you because it can, if you allow it. So, don’t quit on life nor don’t quit on yourself. Life IS hard but, that doesn’t mean you should quit. Here’s why you should never quit:

Life is beautiful 

I’ve repeatedly said life IS hard, however life IS beautiful. Not everything we go through is the end of the world. After going through the challenges, there’s always something good coming your way. There’s always something you can look back and smile about. Something you can be unashamed of and be at peace with. Life IS a beautiful roller coaster. You shouldn’t quit because your life IS beautiful. Life IS beautiful because you’re learning, growing, building and embracing every moment of your life plus every step you take.

You have a purpose. 

I’ve seen a lot of quotes that says, “God is writing your story” and I believe God is writing your story and you have a purpose in life. You have a purpose to fulfilled. You may not know what it is but, everyone has purpose to life. You have a purpose to grow with and love with. You have a purpose to learn from. Quitting isn’t part of your purpose. 


You should never quit on life because you should believe that better will come and I know faith can be a rocky stage (trust me, in my 27 years of living, my faith hasn’t been the greatest) but, faith helps you to believe that life isn’t always bad. Faith helps you to keep going and keep striving. Faith helps you to not worry and to not be scared. If you quit, then there’s no faith but, faith in yourself then you know you can do whatever you set your mind to do. 

Your opinion to yourself matter more than others 

It’s part of life to have people say you can’t do it, you’re not able to do it, what you’re doing isn’t part of your destiny, you’re unqualified and you shouldn’t do this, or this is the way you should have done it. You know what? Let those people say whatever they want to say. All they’re trying to do is stop you from living your life but, they can’t. You are unstoppable and only you can stop yourself. 

If you want to travel around the world then do it!!! 

If you want to start a business, do it!!! 

If you want to start a podcast, spa business, blog, agency & masterclass or workshops, do it!!!!

If you want to go back to school, then go back to school!!!

Whatever you want to do, DO IT but, never quit on yourself nor never quit on your journey. I know how tough it is to fail and feel like no one understands you but, do you know who you are? Do you believe in yourself? And why did you started what you start? Then don’t quit. 

Quit on doubts, 

Quit on self-sabotage

Quit on being a people pleaser

Quit on waiting for someone to give you the opportunity – create your own opportunity. 

Quit on overthinking.

But, never quit on what you’ve started. Tomorrow isn’t promised and today is your day but, on this day, you should never quit but, you should believe in yourself and you are qualified to do anything that is for you. If God says yes, then you’re qualified. 

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