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I’m NaTasha and I’m the Founder of KissMyHeart.LLC, a love and lifestyle brand + blog  committed to helping women find themselves through truth, transparency, intimacy and love her no matter what she looks like. Also, I relaunched my beauty brand, KissMyHeart Cosmetics with a lot of great product releasing this Spring and  my ultimate goal  for 2019 is to open the doors to the KissMyHeart Beauty Bar & Love Lounge which is home to my cosmetics, co-working + event space for women, and safe place for women to take up space, find love and nurture their hearts.  

What does Self-love means to you?

Self love for me is about being to love me anyway; the good, bad, ugly, and unforgivable. It means no longer punishing myself and forgiving myself for things I was ashamed to say out loud and making myself become worthy of love it all its forms.

What was the hardest part of loving yourself? 

The hardest part about loving myself was going all in to love myself. When a relationship is new, ya know? Like ” I want this but, can I trust it completely?” It was a trust thing for me. “Could I be safe with me and not let me down?” I had to be ready to love myself. And THAT was a hard fight I fought with myself A LOT.

Have you ever felt like you couldn’t love yourself. If so, why? If not, have you ever felt fear to love yourself?

Yes. There was a time where I was searching for others to love me the way that I loved them and the reciprocity was off. And because I didn’t have the esteem and regard for myself to love love my self or know what that meant or what it looked like, I figured, “Well if they don’t love me, how could I?”

What do you value about yourself? 

Now, I value the way I love, THAT is my superpower. I know it is unique to me and that no one can take that away from me anymore. I can choose who to give it to and who to share it with and I can always replenish and make it fit me and shape it to be what I need and dress it up how I see it and I can shower it all over my daughter, There are so many facets to MY love and because I didn’t always have it, I value the hell out of it.

What do you do to make yourself feel better from self-doubts, self-sabotage, fears, comparison & etc. ?

When I’m in that head-space to where the anxiety, panic and overthinking sets in, I literally have to quiet everything and everyone around me so that I can quiet myself and focus on the self-doubt, self- sabotage, and my personal favorite “what if”. This is how I learned to create space and acknowledge these feelings. I literally have to dissect each one and hear them out completely. I have literally tell myself the exact opposite. I remember that my past is not the same as anyone else’s no mater how similar it looks its so important to remember your “why” and continue to feed into your purpose.

Do you believe you can love yourself differently from loving others? Why or why not? 

I do believe that you can love yourself differently from others. In my experience with looking for love in everything and everyone but myself, it took a certain type of something to reclaim love for yourself. I just feels different and it definitely looks different. It’s better, healthy.

How do you show yourself love?

In 2017, I began a challenge across social media where I documented the love letters that I wrote to myself. It’s the #LoveLettersSeries Challenge where I wrote love letters, notes, or anything that would resonate with my heart. I have never received love letters from anyone before so this was really about shifting that energy and showing that display of love to myself and doing it faithfully.

What do you believe about loving yourself?

I believe that loving yourself is really about knowing who you are first. And as you go along that journey of self- discovery and begin to actually LIKE who you are, that just makes the loving yourself that much better. An falling in love with yourself, that’s some whole other level ish. lol

What do you think of yourself? 

I think of myself as a beautiful mess. It hasn’t always been beautiful though, I was a MESS. and although I am not perfect I am still fighting to be better.

Why do you love YOURSELF?

I love that I am both complex and simple, soft and hard. I love that about me. I’m beautiful and I’ve had experiences that have tried to make me know or even feel otherwise about myself. But the fact that I have been able to find the beauty in all of it  is the ultimate beauty.

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